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 My name is Courtney, and I have been blogging for over four years. I live in Pensacola, Florida as a lifestyle blogger and a student. I began to blog on temporary blogs that I would make in computer class back in junior high, and then I found my mom's best friend's blog. I was inspired to create a space on the web that was my very own. Since then, I have grown my blog with interesting content, won awards for my posts, and have met some wonderful bloggers within the web community. I am always trying to find new things to write about, so I am not a niche blogger. Since I like to write about my life, and my interests, there isn't just one subject that I could commit to writing about. I write about fashion, beauty techniques and products, food, my city, and my family. I dabble in DIY, and I love projects! Currently, I am a fourth year college student, and I want to pursue a career in the medical field. More specifically, I want to become a nurse, and an x-ray technician that does ultrasounds for expecting mamas. I have always been interested in educating myself on women's health, pregnancy, and birthing, so why not make a career from it?
So why do I blog? The first thing that popped into my head when I asked myself that was so that I could remember things. So that I can look back and see the beauty my life has. It also gives me a platform to talk about things concerning, enchanting, or interesting to me. I blog to inform, I blog to document, and I blog to write. Before I started blogging, I would write chapter books. I wanted to become an author, but after reviewing all that went into publishing a book, I was overwhelmed. Blogging helped me by publishing my work fast. It also helped me by building up a community, and expanding my interests. I want to always blog, and I want to always write. 

To get started as a reader of my blog, here are a few of my favorite posts that  you can go check out!

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