Why Peg Pants Are A Wardrobe Must-Have!

What has been your quarantine uniform? Mine has been between two kinds of outfits: comfy joggers, a t-shirt, messy bun or pony tail; or ... leggings, a t-shirt, messy bun or pony tail. Comfy quarantine clothes. I also wear scrubs for my job and the only "style" is when I wear my "fancy" scrubs (scrubs from Jaanuu) or wear new compression socks. There is "nurse style" and then there is "style". I wanted to put on some real clothes and not just for a walk around the neighborhood... I wanted to show it off in a blog post.

Today I wanted to share an item that I added to my wardrobe back in December. It's an item that every woman should have in their wardrobe because it is so versatile, you can wear these to the office, on date night, to Sunday brunch with friends or Sunday brunch with family, a holiday party! Basically you can wear these for practically any occasion and feel comfy but look very put together. I am talking about the "peg pant".
Yes! Those pants with the cute, sinch, high-waist that you can tie up with a sash belt. I was inspired by my boyfriend's sister (who is so stylish) during her visit this past December. She just threw on a jean jacket, some booties, and a t-shirt to go run errands, it was the cutest outfit and it seemed so easy to put together! I found the perfect peg pants on Amazon for $25 and they were exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes Amazon surprises me with what they have in the clothing department.
With the peg pants, I like to wear a loose-fitted shirt so it has a flowy look, a jean jacket, some flats, and accessories that suit your fancy. I am trying to venture outside of my comfort zone with certain style choices and one of those is wearing a thin strap camisole. I don't really like to expose my shoulders and I never had the right bra to wear underneath because the straps would show. I decided to give True & Co a try. True & Co has a wide selection of bras ranging from no-underwire, comfy bras to full support. This strapless bra from True provides the support I need to step out of my fashion comfort zone.
These leopard Rothys are currently my favorite pair of shoes. I got them for Christmas after wanting the leopard Rothys in The Point for a while. After receiving the chili reds in The Point for my birthday a couple years ago, I wanted to build my Rothys collection with another versatile pattern. I can pair my leopard Rothys with so many outfits, this being my favorite. 
There are so many outfit combinations that you can make with peg pants. I love finding multiple ways to wear an item, or pairing different pieces that elevate another piece. With these pants being so versatile, I will definitely be curating more outfits utilizing the peg pants in future posts.
It's a wacky time in the world but we don't have to be stuck in our quarantine comfies day in and day out. I was granted a few days off from work and found myself sticking to my quarantine uniform pretty much everyday... putting on real clothes really elevates my mood and makes me feel so much better.


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