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It has been about a year since I last blogged! I am so excited to update my readers on my life happenings in a different post, but for today I am talking about the MemoVase from Clever Me. This is a vase that you can write "memos" on for a loved one, roommates, or even for gifts! I had never heard of the MemoVase before they asked me to collaborate, and after having the MemoVase in our apartment for a few months, I am so glad that we partnered up on the post! 

This post was sponsored by Splash Brands. All photos and writings are my own.

It's funny because my roommates and I had just moved into our new apartment together and we were so excited to start decorating. We wanted flowers around the apartment and had some plain, clear vases to fill or empty wine bottles to put a single daisy in, but we didn't have unique vases when we first moved in. I got an email asking to review the MemoVase and we got so excited! Something unique to decorate with that would hold flowers! 
The reason why it is called a MemoVase is because you can write memos on the front panel with a dry-erase marker. Like I said, you can write encouraging notes for roommates, loved ones, or even just yourself. It is great for Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, or even a housewarming gift! When the MemoVase arrived, my roommates (best friends) and I had just started nursing school together, so I wanted to write something that would remind us of what we were working hard towards, so I wrote, "UWF SCHOOL OF NURSING, AUGUST 2019" because that is when we graduate. 
The MemoVase allows you to remove the front panel and hide the dry-erase marker that comes with it behind the panel. It makes it so nice to not have to scramble for a marker, it just comes with one! It sounds silly to "scramble for a marker" but when you want to write a note and you don't have a marker, you search and search but with the MemoVase it is just behind the front panel. 
We have actually been keeping the MemoVase up top on our refrigerator because the flowers go with the color theme of our kitchen and dining room, plus we are in the kitchen a lot so we get to see the encouraging notes left on the MemoVase. 
We love the MemoVase and the unique shape it comes in. We love that we can write each other encouraging notes or even funny jokes on the vase. It's such a fun item to have in the apartment and it is so versatile! 
We love our MemoVase and we hope that you try out the MemoVase yourself! 
Shop the MemoVase here

This post was sponsored by Splash Brands. All photos and writings are my own.


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