Shopping with Octer :: Five Ways to Wear Black Heels

Every woman should own a pair of black heels that you can wear with anything. Throw on the heels for dinner, throw on the heels for work, and heck, why not throw on the heels for grocery shopping. If you can rock heels while pushing a cart or carrying a basket, girl, wear those heels. A good pair of heels can make you look amazing and really dress up a pair of simple blue jeans, or keep a little black dress sweet and classy. With whatever you are wearing with those heels, you are sure to make a lasting impression. So, I want to share with you five different ways you can wear a pair of black heels.
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For years, I have been searching for a good pair of black heels, and I finally found them- with ease I might add through Octer. When you are looking for something specific, Octer can help you in a number of ways. With the many brands that Octer works with, you can search by brand, clothing category, and of course the gender style you are searching for. You can also just type in what you are looking for in the search bar. When you find what you are looking for, but maybe your size isn't offered, they have similar product suggestions shown. When you are ready to buy, it takes you right to the brand's website to that particular product page. It couldn't be easier to shop! 

: 1 :
Heels and distressed jeans for that casual work day, with a bit of class and sass. 
: 2 : 
Heels and boyfriend jeans for a lunch date with friends. 
: 3 : 
Heels and bohemian dress for that day date. 
: 4 : 
Heels and the little black dress for that date night. 
: 5 : 
Heels and a breezy maxi dress for Sunday family brunch. 
It was a lot of fun putting together these looks. When you have the perfect pair of shoes, outfits just fall out of your closet; almost like they are begging to be seen with those shoes. It's kind of nice when your shoes do all the work of picking out an outfit for you. It is a definite time saver. 
Another time saver is shopping with Octer. I would have never found the most perfect pair of black heels if it were not for Octer. I think without Octer, I might be crying to Google, "Pleeeaase! Just give me a good batch of links this time!" So, next time you are shopping, shop through Octer. Octer makes your mobile shopping experience easier, that you will be wearing your dream outfit in no time, and hey, maybe your shoes will pick it out for you.  
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