Last Beachy Day in Lincoln City

It is getting closer and closer to my move, which means saying good-bye to Oregon and all it's beauty, and hello to Florida and all of it's sparkling character. I knew this last beach trip would come soon, but I never thought it would pass by so fast. Last Friday, my folks and I traveled to Lincoln City, Oregon for the day. It was my last time there for a while, and I made this one count. I made sure to grab and savor a Mojo Coffee; I made sure to just sit in the beach chair and watch the sunshine, the waves, and the people on the beach. I made sure to squish my toes in the sand a little extra this trip, and I made sure to just enjoy my family. It was a glorious day, filled with sunshine and now I have it forever in my memory.
These are some photos that I think depicts the day perfectly. 
My dad pointed out that this fire is probably the longest fire we ever had. Usually we have our logs compacted, but this beachy fire definitely has character. 
We can't have a beachy day without Hebrew Nationals. They are the only choice for a Lincoln City beach day dinner. 
Bush's Baked Beans warmed by the beachy bon fire completed our dinner. 
Lincoln City will always have a special place in my heart. I adore the Oregon Coast, but after seeing Pensacola Beach a few months ago, it also has a special place in my heart. I am very excited to spend afternoons lounging on the beach, studying, writing, taking photographs on the beach. I am glad that I am moving to a place where the beach is only a half hour away. I could never live in a state that is not at least a couple of hours away from the beach. I need my ocean. :) 
Until next time, Lincoln City.