Springtime in Seychelles

I love the colors of Spring. Colors such as corals, pinks, pastels, and the bright, green grass (that just about describes this post to the T). Those colors make me smile, and they are so pleasing to the eye. I think my favorite part of Spring is that I get to wear those colors a little more frequently than I would in the Winter months. In the Winter months, we all tend to wear the darker colors on the spectrum, and when Spring comes around, we bring out the brighter colors, and tend to keep the layers to a minimum.

Earlier today, while I was in Rain or Shine Cafe, I was reading my nutrition textbook, and while I was reading, I came up with this outfit in my mind. It is funny how much I think about non-school related projects while I read for my classes. Who else does that? 
I am so in love with this side fishtail braid. Truth be told, this hairstyle came out of frustration. I tried a lot of different hairstyles, and when I was about to just whip my hair up into my signature messy bun, I decided to try this hairstyle, and it came out beautifully. I will be doing a tutorial on this hairstyle soon, it is actually easier than it looks! 
These shoes from Seychelles are so much fun! I absolutely love the coral color, and the fact that they were a prize. A few weeks ago, I went to a blogger event at an adorable boutique that I often shop at. Sloan Boutique on Hawthorne Blvd hosted such a wonderful event, and before I left, I entered the Seychelles shoe raffle. I ended up winning my choice of a pair of shoes from Seychelles, and I picked out this super cute pair of "Peachy" sandals in red. Oh, how fun they are to wear! I am so glad that I chose such a fun color, and I love the attention that my feet get. That sounds silly, and probably slightly twisted, but I really love showing off such a beautiful pair of shoes. 
I have blogged about these t-shirts from Sloan Boutique before, but I have to show them off again; they are that good. These t-shirts are so comfy, they are the perfect length, and I feel so confident in them. I practically own one in every color. I especially love this coral color because it is so bright, and this color makes me happy. 
t-shirt: Sloan Boutique
skirt: Windsor store
shoes: Seychelles