Hiking with Reliant Recovery Water

It has been a couple of months since I began my health and fitness journey, and I have discovered some wonderful products that help me feel my best before, during, and even after workouts. When I discovered Reliant Recovery Water, I was so excited! I have never been a fan of Gatorade, I believe I have only had it once in my lifetime. While Gatorade does replenish electrolytes after a workout, it has chemical colorants, and added sugars and sweeteners that I just do not care for. With Reliant Recovery Water, there is no added sugars, no added colorants, it is just water with electrolytes to help fuel your cells after a good workout. 
This is a post sponsored by Reliant Recovery Water. All photos and opinions of this product are my own.

Reliant Recovery Water comes in three flavors, a refreshing cucumber mint flavor, a slightly sweet fresh peach, and then unflavored. With their electro-kinetic modification process, and added oxygen in the water, Reliant Recovery Water can help reduce physical stress on your body, increase muscle acceleration, and increase your body's resiliency. It is different from other electrolyte replacement drinks because of the added oxygen in the water. 
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I tested out this water in a few elements. The first being after one of my workouts. As I have been working out for a while now, I have increased the intensity of my workouts, so I sweat! We all lose electrolytes when we sweat, and we need to replace them. Let me back up, first of all, electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphate, bicarbonate, and sulfate. We need electrolytes in our system to keep up the basic functions of cells, and for proper fluid movement across our cells and within our kidneys. 
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The next element was during a long shift at work. I tested it on one of the days that I pulled a 12 hour shift, and after I drank some of the Reliant Recovery Water, I felt fueled, and hydrated. Remember, Reliant Recovery Water isn't like the kind of water that comes from your tap in your kitchen; Reliant Recovery Water is created with an electro-kinetic modification process that adds in the electrolytes. This water tastes good, it has a heavier feel, it is wetter (if that makes any sense). It is how water is supposed to be: fresh and full of hydration.
The third element was this hike here at Wahkeena Falls in Corbett, Oregon. My dad and I took a little hike yesterday, and with it also being a warm day, (86 degrees!) some extra hydration was much appreciated. Usually, the hike up to the bridge of Wahkeena Falls is a bit tiresome, but we made it up to the bridge without having to stop for a small, ten second break. While we both have been working out, and probably increasing our endurance, I do believe that Reliant Recovery Water had something to do with it. 
Not only are their waters hydrating, their textures smooth, and their flavors fresh, but their packaging is so aesthetically designed. It is fresh, and it something that would definitely catch my eye if I saw it in a store local to me. Design is such an important aspect in what consumers purchase now-a-days, and when the contents inside the packaging is fabulous, it is an all-around great product! 
Since I am not only on a health and fitness journey, I am also on a journey to rid my house of harsh chemicals no only in our personal care products, but also in our food. That is why love that Reliant Recovery Water has no added sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors, it is just spruced up water. I would feel a bit funny if after my workout, I opened up a bottle of electrolyte sugar water for my after-workout fuel. Instead, I open up a bottle of Reliant Recovery Water, and I replenish my electrolytes naturally without any artificial sweeteners getting in the way. 
It was such a beautiful day yesterday in the Columbia River Gorge, it was a great day for a hike! I am so glad that I had my Reliant Recovery Water to keep me hydrated, and to replenish my electrolytes. 
Bringing up the sugared-up electrolyte replenishing drinks again, I am not really one to drink sweet drinks. Sure, I like a fancy coffee every now and then, but I prefer unsweetened tea, and plain cold brew coffee, or just good ol' ice water. I do not need sweetener in every aspect of my life, and I really like that Reliant Recovery Water is just that: water. 
What a beautiful, Spring (more like Summer) day it was! I am so glad that I got to spend the early afternoon with my dad. After our hike, we did our traditional grill-up lunch of hot dogs in the little day-park area of Wahkeena Falls. 
Thanks dad for coming with me and being the photographer! It was such a fun day! 
If you are interested in learning more about Reliant Recovery Water, please visit their site here. On their site, you can shop their selection, and ask them any questions you may have
This post was sponsored by Reliant Recovery Water. All photos and opinions are my own. 


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