Women's Best Slim Shake & Fitness Update

I am really proud of myself! I have kept up with my fitness routine for the past couple of weeks, and I have been consistent with it. I have also been consistent with eating healthy, and not eating so much sugar. Something that has helped make my sugar cravings disappear is this amazing slim shake from Women's Best. I have tried many different protein shakes, and meal replacement methods, but I have landed a fantastic formula that has such pretty packaging. Of course, my eye is always drawn to something that is pretty, and of course has immense nutritional value.

I have been seeing Women's Best on social media sites for a few months, and I finally looked more into it a couple of weeks ago, and ended up catching a sale! I ordered the Slim Body Shake bundle that comes with the free blender bottle (so cute!) and a $10 gift card to Women's Best. I was a lucky buyer because when I received my Slim Body Shake, I ended up with a $20 gift card! (Yay!) I received my Slim Body Shake last Monday, so I have been drinking it for a full week. I absolutely love drinking my Slim Body Shake after a workout; I feel more energized when I drink something that is jam-packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, honey, and biotin! 
With biotin inside the Slim Body Shake, every time I drink it, I am maintaining good hair, skin, and nails health. I do notice that my skin is softer, looks smooth, and my hair is little more bouncier. I also notice that my hair and my nails are stronger. I love receiving great nutrition from a great-tasting shake! Some other awesome factors about the Slim Shake is that is gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free, aspartame-free, and GMO-free! Plus, Women's Best products are made in Germany, and they have such high health standards, that their products are made from high quality ingredients. It makes me feel better knowing that what I am putting in my body to better myself doesn't have a bunch of chemicals, and synthetics in it. That would be the total opposite of health, am I right? 
I start my morning off with a couple scoops of the slim shake in almond milk, and I finish off my breakfast with oatmeal and flax seed, and either a half of a grapefruit or a banana. For breakfast and lunch, I drink the slim shake first, and then eat a low calorie meal, but for dinner, I eat a small portion of dinner, and I drink my slim shake for a nice dessert. I love that this shake fills me up, and curbs my appetite for hours. I especially love that it motivates me to eat smaller portions. When I drink my Slim Body shake before a meal, I don't feel so hungry anymore, so I don't take a big portion. It isn't so much that I am drinking the shake to slim up or lose weight, but I am drinking it to help train myself to take smaller portions, eat more fruits and veggies, and I am also drinking it to get all of my essential vitamins and minerals. 
This shake is so tasty! I can't believe it is healthy for me! I am excited to try some fun recipes using my Slim Shake powder. I want to make a delicious coffee protein shake, maybe some protein energy bars, or energy bites. The powder smells like chocolate cake batter, and the shake itself tastes like the most delicious chocolate milk! 
When I ordered Women's Best, it was a fitness motivation for me. I told myself that I would start working out when I received my Slim Body Shake, but I decided to start a week before I received it. I am doing a fitness routine to target my booty, my legs, and my abdomen. I love my fitness routine! I will be sharing my routine later this week if any of you are interested. I am finally committed to working out! To keeping up a consistent routine, and I have to say that I love feeling that burn. I love knowing that I am actually working my body, and I don't want to stop, even when I see results, I am not going to stop. I want to keep fit! 
I love making Women's Best Slim Body Shake a part of my healthy journey. I love eating raw fruits and veggies, and healthy food! I love always feeling my best, and with junk food and sugar, I didn't really feel my best. Health is one of the greatest blessings, but it takes some willpower for sure. This is why I love that the Slim Body Shake is great tasting, because it helps lower my sugar cravings, and it provides me with great nutritional benefits. 
I am a big fan of Women's Best! I have felt so amazing this past week, and it is because I have been keeping up with my workouts, eating healthy, and drinking my Slim Body Shake. Good nutrition, and keeping active really boosts the mood, and boosts self confidence. Everybody needs that EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Women's Best is having a 53% off sale right now! Visit their website to check out all of their awesome weight loss products, protein shakes, and bundles. 

I rocked out my Monday. It feels awesome. 
Do you gave any fitness or health, or any goals in general that you want to see completed this week? I want to hear what they are! Comment below. 


  1. That is so great that you found a meal shake that works for you! I've been using the same meal replacement shake product for years, and I really does make a huge difference. Drinking something healthy at the start of the day always sets me up to make smarter choices later on. My fitness/health goal for the week is to get through the rest of my barre classes without dying! I just completed day 5 of 8 days in a row!


    1. That is a great goal! Keep up the great work! Yes! Meal replacement shakes are awesome. I have loved mine.

      Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

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