What's In My Bag

If you are anything like me, you are curious as to what is inside other gal's purses. What are their essentials for daily outings, and everyday life? Well, since I love seeing what other gals carry around with them, I love sharing what I carry around with me. I love sharing my essentials for inspiration, and for those who are curious like me as to what people carry around with them. I hope to share something new with you all, such as some nifty items that may be a good idea to carry around with you in your purse, or tote bag.
Above is all that I carry with me in my bag. Even though I am into style, I am not a big "must have all the handbags" type of girl. One neutral handbag works for me, and this particular bag seems to get a lot of attention. Every time I take it out, I get a load of compliments on it. It's pretty cute, roomy, and it goes with just about every outfit. I bought the bag a couple of Summers ago from Sole Society, and I am going to use it until it looks ragged. :) It's such a great bag! 
Here are the essentials that I like to carry with me.
1. Norwex travel cloths and Norwex wet cloth pouch. Instead of carrying around antibacterial wipes 
    covered in a chemical solution that you have to throw away after using, I carry around Norwex travel 
2. My keys with my trusty pepper spray, and my awesome Offerman Woodshop keychain, as in Nick 
    Offerman from Parks and Recreation :) 
3. My headphones.
4. My cute Sloan Ranger wallet. 
5. A couple of pens.
6. My favorite lippies. 
7. Purse Snacks, as I like to call them. 
8. Portable phone charging stick. 
9. Some oils for out and about.
10. My charging cord. 
11. Norwex Optic Cloth for wiping off screens.
12. My phone.
My Norwex Travel cloths and adorable pouch is one of my favorite components of my purse. If you aren't familiar with Norwex, it's an awesome company that makes safe cleaning cloths and safe products. Norwex Enviro cloths are woven with over 1800 miles of microfiber, and micro-silver. Normal microfiber cloths have microfiber that is 1/7th the size of a human hair, but Norwex's microfiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair, so it picks up EVERYTHING, even the smallest microbe. Norwex is also embedded with micro-silver, so it is a self sanitizing cloth too; the silver breaks down and stops the microbe's DNA from replicating, so it kills the bacteria inside the cloth as the cloth dries. It's pretty cool! I use Norwex travel cloths as my hand sanitizer and my disinfectant wipes while I am at work, and out and about. I love saving money with these cloths, and I love not creating waste with these cloths.
My Norwex Optic Cloth is awesome for wiping off delicate touch screens, sun glasses, reading glasses, basically any screen or optical you can think of, the Optic Cloth will clear any smudge off. Unfortunately, this product doesn't have the micro-silver, so it doesn't self sanitize, but it still works like a charm. 
I have snacks stashed just about everywhere. I like to be prepared. My purse snacks are simple though. These Kind Bars are so yummy, and Justin's Maple Almond Butter is a perfect, little packet of yummy and quick protein. I also carry around tea bags with me... I might run into an emergency relaxing situation. :) 
I don't go anywhere without my travel oils, especially my Cold and Flu/Immunity booster. I love having some of my favorite oils with me wherever I go. If I am anxious, I just roll of my oils on my chest, or neck, and the anxiety is gone. If I am in a crowded place, I always roll my immunity booster on my chest and neck to prevent from getting sick. :) I also use my Diluted Bergamot as perfume. 
I used to carry 13 lip products when I was younger. 13. I remember that number because I still can't believe I collected that many in my bag. As I have grown older, I have narrowed it down to three! My favorite chapstick of all time is this Lemongrass-Mint from Messy Little Smiles. They are an all-natural chapstick small business, and I love that my chapstick is actually adding moisture instead of taking it away like other, non-organic chapsticks. Messy Little Smiles is the best chapstick! Of course I need my color, so I use Younique Opulence lipstick in Affluent, it is a pretty pink color, perfect for Spring. I also love Younique's Lucrative lip gloss in Luxe. This nude color adds the perfect shine, and it keeps your lips hydrated! What other lip gloss does that? 
Sometimes when I am at the store, or surprise trips to the Hoyt Arboretum, I like having my headphones handy to jam out. I like to listen to music while I shop for groceries so that I can block out the chatter and noise of the grocery store. Listening to my playlist on Spotify is way better than "...You'll find it here at Fred Meyer." :) 
I absolutely love reading about what gals pack in their purse, or in their travel bag, and I am obsessed with flat lays, and lay outs. I love sharing what's in my bag, or my essentials when I travel. It is fun to share! 

What are some of your favorite purse essentials? Comment below! 


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