To Oregon City to Mt. Hood to PDX to Vancouver

Have you ever just wanted to jump in the car and just drive down roads you always pass by, but never have explored before? Well, that is what my friend Brittany and I did today. We drove from Oregon City, to Molalla, we drove through Estacada to Rhododendron, back to Portland and we ended in Vancouver. It was quite the day, and I am so glad we were able to fill one of our Spring Break days with road trip fun.

I pass by the Oregon Trail Highway often, and I never knew where it would take me. I knew it was the gateway to Molalla, but I wanted to see what else it had to offer. The highway definitely took us to Molalla, but I was trying to use my heart map to lead us to Mt. Hood. My heart map wasn't very well equipped to lead the way, but that's okay, because fortunately, we have GPS to fill in the missing links. I passed by this one road, Henrici when cruising along Beavercreek Drive, which took me to Molalla. I should have taken Henrici which would have lead me to Redland Road, and everything would have been fine and dandy. But, it was fun to go somewhere new, and travel along the countryside. Brittany rerouted us back to Henrici Rd, which went on for a long while. With the thousands of sharp turns and curves, we took Henrici pretty slowly, and happened upon this neat waterfall. It is obviously man-made, but it was neat to drive by and see. 
It felt good to be on a familiar road, such as Redland. We made it to Estacada, which took us to Sandy, and eventually lead us to Rhododendron, Oregon. We didn't want this to be a destination road trip, but we had the heart map time, and then it was time for a destination. When I was in 8th grade, my class went on a snow shoeing trip, and on our way home, we stopped at Mt. Hood Roasters for coffee. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with stopping back there again. Today, we had the chance to stop by, and my oh my, their coffee is always a pleasure to sip. Another coffee shop uses Mt. Hood Roaster's coffee, Liz's Coffee Cabin in Corbett uses them, and oh it's so good! We got coffee from the source! 
Inside it was cozy, mountain cabin-like, and it is incredibly good priced. I walked out of there with a giant muffin, a cookie, and a 16 oz. Americano with only spending $5.50. I was shocked! And very glad. 
They had a couple of vintage coffee grinders in their shop. I believe they actually operate, and you can actually grind up coffee in them. That's a pretty cool thing to have. 
They have a wide selection of snacks, but for their pastries they have brownies, muffins, and cookies. Oh my, I had the Apple Cinnamon jumbo muffin, and Brittany got a blueberry one, they were so soft and flavorful. I haven't had the cookie yet, but I am excited to try it! Apparently the cookies are considered "famous" in the Mt. Hood area. With that kind of label, you can imagine how much I want try one of those cookies. I have one waiting for me for tomorrow. 
I got an Americano because my sister always gets Americanos, and I was inspired by her. I have had a few Americanos here and there, but the one from Mt. Hood Roasters was exquisite. I did add cream, and a couple Stevia in the Raw packets, but I don't think it needed sprucing up; An Americano made with Mt. Hood Roasters coffee is spruced enough. 
We headed home on familiar road, but went somewhere that travel is round the clock, but a place that I have rarely traveled to. The PDX International Airport. It is a place that I should be traveling to often because travel is good for the soul. We were going to eat at the MOD Pizza there in the airport, but unfortunately it is only for those who have a ticket and are waiting in a terminal to fly. We were a little disappointed that we couldn't dine at the PDX Airport MOD Pizza, but the trip the airport was not a waste one bit. It enlightened me, it inspired me, and lit a fire within me. I need to travel more, and I need to make it happen, and I want to make it happen. We thought to take a carpet photo while we were there. It is a cliché Portland thing to do, but I have never done it before, and I thought that I should. 
We decided to go to the MOD Pizza in Vancouver, Washington. There is a MOD Pizza in Downtown, Portland, but I really didn't feel like battling downtown Portland's traffic and craziness, so we drove up into Washington and had ourselves some delicious pizza. I have never been to MOD Pizza before; Brittany told me about it, and when she told me that they can put roasted garlic and feta cheese on your pizza, I wanted to go so bad! 
We both got the "Mad Dog" Mod pizza, but we customized it to our liking. I took my pizza without any ground beef, or red sauce. I replaced that with pesto and white sauce, olives, and I added roasted garlic, and feta. Oh my goodness! It was so good! I am excited to have my left-overs for dinner tomorrow. A really nice thing about MOD Pizza is that you don't have to pay extra for extra toppings, or replacement toppings. You pay for the size of the pizza, and that's it. My dinner was less than $8.00, and I had a gourmet pizza for dinner tonight, and I have dinner for tomorrow too. It's a great place to eat, and I love that they don't charge extra for extra toppings. That is a big selling point to me. 
It was the perfect day for a road trip. It seems like we drove all over the place today, but I loved it. I absolutely love driving, and being in the car, enjoying music, and enjoying company in the car. I was telling Brittany today that I love road trips. I love the trip part. The destination is absolutely wonderful, but whenever we arrive at the destination, I am a little disappointed that the time in the car is over. 
Well, I am a little disappointed that today is almost over, but also kind of glad because I am exhausted, and I am excited to get some rest. 

Where do you like to go road-tripping, or where do you like travel? I would love love some ideas for future travel. Comment below! 


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