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What is so much fun about driving quite a bit of distance for bubble tea? It is because of the experience, that's what. Tea Bar PDX has been popping up in my Instagram feed for a few months, and I decided that I would finally try it out. My friend Brittany says that I live by tea, and that is accurate. Also, since I am a big fan of bubble tea, I had to try Tea Bar's matcha boba tea. I drove over 100 blocks to sip on their matcha boba tea, and I think it was worth it!
What drew me to Tea Bar PDX is their branding, and the clean, white walls that reflect an open feeling. There is a wall of windows at the entrance of the shop, which floods in and disregards the artificial light in Tea Bar. Natural light is everywhere in Tea Bar, and that is one of my favorite components of this shop. Another thing that drew me to Tea Bar is their use of mason jars for those who want to enjoy their tea in-house. I am really into mason jars, people. Really into mason jars. 
Whenever I try a bubble tea at a shop that I have never been before, I stick with something familiar, matcha. Matcha powder is incredibly delicious, it is fresh, and that caffeine boost is awesome. It was a calmer boost than some other matcha boba teas I have had in the past. Luckily, Tea Bar's matcha boba tea hasn't given me that unfortunate anxious feeling. I love that! 
The vibe in Tea Bar is friendly, and open. They keep their door open for customers to come right in, the only unfortunate thing about the door being open always is that the food smell from the bar next door wafts over into Tea Bar. It's a faint smell, but it doesn't ruin the fresh vibe that Tea Bar provides. 
Some people find that white walls are boring, but not to me. White walls represent new opportunities, a clean and fresh feel, an open feel, and provides dreamy vibes, especially when there is natural light flooding in. 
Tea Bar keeps it simple, and minimalist. I love this sweetening station; notice the use of a stone as a paperweight for those napkins. 
It was a little sad when I was on my last sips of my matcha. I kept stirring it around so that I would sip up some boba through the straw. I have never tasted such sweet boba! They weren't as firm as I prefer, but the boba were firm enough. They were sweet, slightly addicting, and I need to know what kind of boba Tea Bar uses. 
Photo above by Megan Joy. Visit her blog here. 

It was a fun, little adventure that I went on today. I had the chance to drive somewhere new, and listen to my music on Spotify. I also had the chance to drink some great matcha, and try such sweet boba. If you are a Portland local, or if you live anywhere near Portland, I suggest that you visit Tea Bar PDX at least once. It is a gorgeous, little shop that is so inviting, and so cute. 

Do you know of a great tea place local to you? I would love to know for future travels, even if it is not in the PDX area, or even in Oregon. Comment below! 


  1. What a great article! And what a great blog! I'm glad I found it through Tea Bar's Facebook page!

    I wrote an article on the same subject just a couple weeks ago: http://cnscio.us/1R3dByw

    I can't wait for the second location to open on Division next month!

    I might see you there :)

    Take care

    - Chloe


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