DIY Cucumber Green Tea Facial Mist

Facial mists are the secret weapons used by supermodels to get that glowy, dewy skin. I have been using facial mists off and on for a few months, but lately, I have been spritzing on the daily, and I am loving how my skin looks. I ran out of my rose facial mist today, and I really did not feel like spending anymore money to get more rose facial mist, so I decided to make my own! It is so easy to make a simple facial mist to give you that dewy look that everybody strives for.

I received a super sweet gift yesterday from the sweet family that I babysit for. They bought me some neat mason jar accessories, and as a person who is obsessed with mason jars, I am so excited about the sweet gifts. I received lids and straws that fit onto wide mouth mason jars, and a water infuser that fits onto wide mouth mason jars. I love drinking fruit and veggie infused water, it is so good for you, but I was thinking of some other uses for this awesome infuser. Then it hit me, I could use it to make a pulp-free facial mist & toner. Facial mists are kept in a confined bottle for long periods of time, and if any pulp or any type of fruit or veggies particles gets inside the spritzing bottle, it could go bad and ruin the batch. Fruit infusers are really helpful when creating beauty concoctions with fresh fruits and veggies. In lukewarm water, I fixed the infuser with chopped up cucumbers, and added some green tea bags in the jar. The green lid of the fruit and veggie water infuser has a drinking spout to take your infused water on the go with you. Perfect! The drinking spout also made it easy to pour the beauty concoction in the spritzing bottles. 
Here is what you need: 
~1 half cucumber chopped up in small pieces
~three bags of all natural green tea
~lukewarm water
~optional* mason jar/bottle
~optional* fruit & veggie water infuser
~spritzing bottle with spray top

Cut up the cucumber, and put the small slices in the fruit and veggie infuser. Fill the jar up with lukewarm water, and place three green tea bags in the water. Screw the infuser cap on with the infuser part fixed to the lid. Let stand for 20 minutes or longer to allow the tea to steep, and the cucumber to infuse. Pour the finished product in the spritzing bottles and spray away. 
The smell of cucumbers and green tea together is such a refreshing scent, and it is so nourishing to the skin. The facial mist tones, hydrates, and with the bit of caffeine taken from the green tea, it helps wake your skin up for a productive and pretty day. Cucumbers help fade dark circles, reduce puffiness, improves complexion, and helps your skin's natural healing process if you get a little too much sun. Green tea also improves complexion, aids in healing sun burns, and helps in hydrating. If you are unsure of how or when to use a facial mist, I will give you a few tips. 
You can use facial mists as a makeup setter. Just spritz some facial mist on your skin after you apply your makeup. 
You can use a facial mist to freshen up midday or after a long day. 
You can use them to tone your skin, or as a quick facial treatment. 
I love making my own beauty products because I know what I used, and what I put in them. I know that the products I make are all-natural, and safe. It also gives me a little pride in making my own beauty products because the homemade products seem to always work better than some of the products that I buy. It's funny how well something works without additives and fillers that can be cancer-causing agents. Why put that stuff in our food and in our personal care, and beauty products? It's all so silly. 
I am a big fan of facial mists. Now that I have an infuser, I could make all kinds of facial mists with different ingredients. I could even use flower petals, or aloe plant. I am so excited to try new recipes! 
Do you have a favorite facial mist or beauty concoction that you like to make? Comment below! 


  1. I'm going to give this a try. Question how long do you think this will stay fresh? 💚

  2. I'm going to give this a try. Question how long do you think this will stay fresh? 💚

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