The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Daily

A few years back, I did a post on the benefits of drinking green tea daily. It was so popular, I decided to revise the post. Since then, my blogging style has changed drastically, and I wanted to do an updated post. I drink green tea everyday. I try to drink three cups of green tea daily, and I notice that when I drink it everyday, my skin, hair, mood, everything just feels and looks better. I have been researching the amazing benefits of green tea for years, and I can't keep this information to myself! Green tea is so easy to acquire, everybody needs to be drinking this magic tea, and here's why...

Green tea has all-natural caffeine, so replacing my beloved coffee every-so-often with a cup of green tea will perk you up in the morning just like coffee. I also drink it before work to give me an energy boost, and it gives me healthy energy! 

1. Green tea is naturally caffeinated, so replacing your coffee with a cuppa every once in a while might be a good idea. 
2. Green tea is cancer fighting thanks to it's high antioxidant content. The epigallocatechin that is in green tea helps to prevent malignant growths. 
3. Green tea burns calories! Yes! Slim up with a tumbler of green tea. According to About Chia, drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day will burn 100 calories! Green tea boosts our metabolic rate, so, in a nutshell, it helps you to slim down
4. Green tea freshens bad breath.
5. Green tea helps to maintain a healthy heart.
6. Green tea helps prevent tooth decay.
7. Green tea hydrates. (some say that is more hydrating than water!) 
8. Green tea boosts the immune system.
9. Green tea helps maintain pretty skin.
10. Green tea helps treat and rid your skin of hormonal acne. 

It is incredible! I have been off-and-on drinking green tea on a daily basis. When I am drinking green tea, like I said before, my skin looks amazing! I have been battling hormonal acne for a couple of years, and I noticed that when I was drinking green tea daily, my skin was looking better and better. While green tea was so fabulous, I needed a to take a little drastic of a step in clearing my skin, and currently, I have clear, beautiful skin! I am maintaining my pretty skin with green tea. 

Another little tid bit, I have been snacking on frozen mangoes for the past week, and they are currently my favorite, healthy treat. ☺️
11. Green tea helps maintains the growth of hair. It stimulates the hair follicles, keeping hair healthy and shiny. 
12. Green tea helps to regulate digestion. 
13. Green tea helps to calm high amounts of irritating stomach acid. 
14. Green tea helps prevent and manage diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels after eating. 
15. Green tea lowers stress levels. 
16. Green tea helps protect your brain cells from deterioration. It can help prevent the onset of Alzheimers and dementia. 
17. Green tea helps promote brain function.
18. Green tea helps maintain healthy blood circulation. 
19. Green tea kills off bacteria in your mouth. 
20. Green tea reduces blood pressure.
21. Green tea isn't just for drinking, it is also great as a facial mist! It moisturizes, hydrates, refreshes, and gives your skin a healthy glow. 

I made a super easy green tea facial mist, and now it is a part of my morning skincare routine. I spray it on my skin first thing when I wake up, and again after I cleanse my face with my Norwex cloth, and before I moisturize my skin. It is so refreshing, and it helps wake me up! Plus, I absolutely love the smell of green tea! Making a green tea face mist is just as easy as steeping a cup of tea. That's all you do! You steep a cup of green tea, remove the tea bag, and pour it into a little spray bottle when it cools down. You can keep it at room temperature or in the fridge for an extra little perk-up. A couple of summers ago, I kept green tea in a large spray bottle in the fridge. I sprayed it on my skin during and after I tanned. It was refreshing, and helped prevent burning. 
22. Green tea can detox the liver, and flush out toxins.
23. Green tea lowers bad cholesterol.
24. Green tea helps prevent blood clots.
25. Green tea is tasty, easy to drink, and tastes amazing as a milk tea, or a latte. 
There are so many benefits to drinking green tea daily. I love drinking green tea in the morning, and getting that boost from a healthy caffeine source. Some coffees make me feel jittery and really funky feeling, but the bit of caffeine that is in green tea is all I need to jump start my day. Since it is Winter, I prefer my green tea hot. When it becomes Spring, or even Summer, I like to drink it iced in my big plastic cup. I drink copious amounts of iced green tea in the Summer, and it is probably my favorite refreshing drink. 
Green tea is so beneficial! So, grab a cuppa green tea, and get your day going! Take in all of these benefits with each sip of green tea, and be amazed at the results you see. Green tea is just simply amazing. ❤️ 


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