Oregon Coast Beach Day Road Trip I

Last week, one of my great friends suggested that we take another beach trip, and I totally agreed. Just Brittany and I woke up early on Sunday morning, yesterday, which was the last day of January and ventured out to the coast. It was one of the best beach trips I have ever been on, and I am glad that Brittany and I went together. She is so much fun! Britt took the photo above on our drive through the Tillamook State Forest towards the coast. We love the fog meandering through the trees, and she had such luck in snapping that beautiful photo. We jammed to all genres of music on our way to the coast, and the only songs I knew most of the words to were country songs.

We traveled through the bay cities to Rockaway, and arrived around 9:30 am. We found a small parking strip by the railroad in the center of the small town. How lucky! Not too lucky because it was a Sunday morning in the middle of Winter in a very small beach town. It wasn't "lucky" per say, it isn't really a frequented Oregon Coast town, and it's Winter, which isn't really a popular visitation month. Nonetheless, we were excited to begin our adventure! 
Good coffee and hot cocoa from Offshore, and a horrible, crunchy cinnamon roll from Grumpy's diner. Interesting breakfast. Best part was the coffee, the view, and the company. Not too interested in going back to Grumpy's diner... 
After spending breakfast by the sea, we decided to get out of the chilly beach weather for a moment and visit Flamingo Jim's. If you are not familiar with the Oregon Coast, or Rockaway Beach in particular, Flamingo Jim's is a giant souvenir shop that sells tacky, but must-have souvenir items, and beach town sweatshirts. Flamingo Jim's also sells garden carvings out of stone and drift wood. Both Brittany and I bought "Florida" socks, with campers and flamingos all over them. She bought a few keychains as well, and in addition to the socks, I bought chocolate covered espresso beans! I have been looking and looking, and in Rockaway of all places, I find some! Crazy! 
On our walk back to the car, we saw a crowd gathered at one of the beach accesses. We stopped by the car real quick, grabbed a blanket and the tripod, and went to see what was going on. The Rockaway Fire Department was present, and we were worried something was wrong. It turns out that nothing was wrong, they were just there for safety reasons. It was the Polar Plunge! We didn't find out if it was for a charity, or not, but we witnessed something fun! Those crazy, amazing people. I hope none of them caught hypothermia! The individual in the pink dress, pink boa, and the floppy pink hat, yeah, that's a man. 
Cold! Brrrr! 
We were freezing and we were bundled up! 
We had to take this picture! 
Our morning in Rockaway beach was wonderful! We had good coffee, and now we know where not to go eat on our next visit. We witnessed something fun, and were chilled to the bone. It was such a fun morning. We decided to back track through Tillamook and head to Pacific City for our next destination. 
Our beach road trip continues in the previous post.