Olive Duster Cardigan Outfit Love

I am channeling my Fall style a little late in the game, but this look can totally pass for Winter style. A fun story about this adorable Arizona olive duster cardigan: I was at J.C. Penny looking for a pair of jeans, and I was so caught up in looking for jeans, that I blew past the sign that said, "Buy one, get one free!" I found a pair of jeans, and went to the register to pay, and the cashier asked if I would like to pick out another item to get for free. Of course I would! I saw this duster cardigan, and made the snap decision to get it as my free item. It was the best snap decision! I love the details of this cardigan, and the knit pattern. It is so cozy, and works perfectly with these riding boots from Breckelle's. I have never really been into duster cardigans before, but this past Winter, I have been really intrigued by these duster cardigans. They are cozy, and so stylish.

Cardigan- Arizona from J.C. Penny
Shirt- Anthropologie
Jeans- Arizona from J.C. Penny
Boots- Breckelle's
Lipstick- Fortunate from Younique


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