My Current Morning Routine For A Better Day

Ever since I started my online classes, I have been trying out different morning routines because I have time to tweak and fix those routines. After trying out a few patterns of good morning routines, I have figured out that this routine in particular has set my days straight, and has helped wake me up, motivate me, and push my day onward.

First thing after I wake up
I make coffee or heat up unfinished coffee from the previous day; I also make my maple-brown sugar oatmeal with three spoonfuls of flax seeds sprinkled over it. I pick a show on Netflix (today, it was Parks and Recreation) and I check/return e-mails, go through Pinterest for a little morning inspiration, and I read a few positive affirmations to propel me through the day. 
A little story about my socks: These socks are a little souvenir from my beach trip last Sunday. Brittany and I each bought a pair of these "Florida" socks from Flamingo Jim's in Rockaway Beach, OR. We saw them, and had to buy them! I have been obsessed with them ever since last Sunday. They are adorable, and so comfy. My feet are always cold, so a comfy pair of socks in the morning is a must! I am not motivated with cold feet. 
After breakfast and morning coffee
I take these precious drops of oily goodness and practice my oily routine. After using essential oils for the first time over a year ago, I have been hooked! There is no going back to a non-oily lifestyle. I love making these precious bottles and they oily contents a part of my everyday. 
-SclarEssence is my daily hormone helper. I have it in a little roller bottle, diluted in some fractionated coconut oil. I usually roll it on my abdomen, lower back, and along both clavicle bones. It helps me feel balanced, grounded, happy, and helps keep my mood and emotions in check. 
-Joy is my perfume, and mood booster. I apply it to the inside of my elbows, over my heart, and behind my ears. 
-Stress Away was amazing when my stress level was so high! Since it was a major part of my oily 
routine when I was very stressed out, I have just kept using it in my current oily routines because it still helps me prevent stress or daily anxiety. My days are calm and cool lately, but it always nice to keep it on. I apply it to my wrists, right below where I rolled on Joy, and to my temples. 
-Valor is my balancer and reliever. It smells so sprucy, and it brings about good feelings of calm, 
motivation, and balance. It also helps with recovery, and minor aches and bruises. I like to apply it  
to my spine area on the back of my neck, and down my spine from the middle. I also like to apply it   directly under where I rolled Stress Away, and over my heart, layered over Joy. 
-Cold Bomb/Immunity Booster: Just general, daily cold and flu prevention. I apply it under my nose, 
above my heart, really just anywhere I can smell it. It has kept me healthy for over a year! A few weeks ago, I got a cold, but that was the first cold in over a year! I also got over it pretty quickly, and I believe that these little drops of essential oils are to thank. 
To get ready for my day:
I always my face, spritz rose water, and moisturize with rose face oil from Badger. My face washing routine is a little different. I run my Norwex body cloth under piping hot water, and I lay the cloth over my face and steam my skin. I do this three times to help open my pores. I gently rub the Norwex cloth over my skin, and my face is clean! I spritz my skin with rose beauty mist (rose water) from Olivine Atelier. I let my skin dry, and I moisturize my skin with Badger's Damascus Rose face oil. I love their Damascus Rose face oil blend! I would love to try their other blends, all of their products are amazing, but I love the way that this oil blend in particular makes my face feel. 
After cleansing my face:
I put on my makeup. Currently, I still use all Younique makeup because it is the best makeup I have ever used! I love doing a minimal makeup look for everyday. It takes about five to six minutes to do, and I love looking put together. 
My makeup routine:
-Using the Powder Puff brush, I powder my face with the Mineral Touch Pressed Powder. It covers all of my flaws, and makes my skin look so soft. It also protects my skin on sunny days. 
-Using the Powder Puff brush again, I use the edge of it to apply my Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher in Sweet. It helps blend it in, and helps contour, and add color. Knocking out three birds with one stone! 
-I take my finger, and apply a layer of Splurge Cream Eye Shadow on each of my eyelids. It takes seconds to have eye shadow applied with Splurge Cream Eye Shadow. 
-I line my eyes with the liquid liner.
-I groom my brows with Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel.
-I make my lashes look amazing with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara. I usually do two coats. 
After, but mostly it is before I do my makeup:
I do a quick hair style. My hairstyles right now are messy buns and side fishtail braids. I like looking put together even if I have nothing to do that day. If I am working that day, I love that I am all put together way before I have to leave for work. I hate rushing to get ready for work because then I feel incomplete, and sometimes even off my game. 
Having a morning routine is important, it is important to me at least. It helps me feel accomplished, and I like having a set plan. With my morning routines, I feel organized, and I feel more awake. It is absolutely crucial for me to keep up a morning routine. It helps me have successful days, and to achieve daily, weekly, and even long term goals. 
Do you have a daily routine that you follow? Comment below! 


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