Homemade All-Natural Immunity Boosting Toothpaste

My journey to eco-friendly living is an on-going, educational experience. There are always things to be replaced for safer, chemical-free living, and a while back, while I was brushing my teeth, I was reading my toothpaste tube; I was shocked what I read on my tube of toothpaste, the very toothpaste that I think to be cleansing my teeth and the inside of my mouth. On the tube, it read, "If swallowed, please call poison control." And it gave the number below. I immediately spit out my toothpaste and have been disgusted ever since, and in search for non-toxic toothpaste. Why would toothpaste companies make our toothpaste toxic? I mean, our mouth is the first place of digestion, meaning there are enzymes in our saliva, and absorption happens through our mucous membranes. If a toxin comes into contact inside our mouth, it has already been exposed and absorbed in our body. Gross! I had to do something about this, so I created a super simple, non-toxic, all-natural toothpaste recipe that I LOVE!
I tried some natural toothpaste brands, but they just didn't clean my teeth the way I wanted. I wanted a natural toothpaste that wouldn't be toxic if accidentally swallowed, and that wouldn't be super expensive. Homemade toothpaste was the perfect choice. Paired with my Norwex Silver Care toothbrush, I feel that I am giving the best care to my teeth. A little bit about the Norwex Silver Care toothbrush; the Silver Care toothbrush has silver embedded under the bristles that sanitizes the toothbrush head. The toothbrush also comes with a handy head cover to protect it even further. Here is the thing, bathrooms are disgusting, and knowing that if any disgusting microbes get on my toothbrush, the silver in the toothbrush head will destroy the microbes, and keep your toothbrush sanitized. Toothpaste is still used with the brush, and I feel that I have just been to the dentist each time I brush my teeth with the homemade toothpaste, and the Norwex Silver Care toothbrush
Here is what you need for the toothpaste: 

-1/4 cup of organic coconut oil
-1 TBSP of baking soda
-12 drops of Peppermint essential oil
-12 drops of Thieves, or any immunity boosting oil blend
-a glass container with a lid to keep the toothpaste protected. 

Put all the ingredients in the glass container, stir together, and viola! You have the homemade toothpaste. 
I brush my teeth for two minutes, twice a day. My smile was expensive, so I want to take care of it to the best of my ability. I have been using my homemade toothpaste for a month, and I love it! I used to hate brushing my teeth because the minty flavor was just a bit intense for me when I used the traditional, store bought, toxic toothpaste. I also felt that my teeth weren't getting clean enough with that toothpaste. I feel that my teeth are clean, my breath fresh, and I feel so much better knowing that my toothpaste is not toxic! 
You are probably thinking about the fact that baking soda can wear down your tooth enamel. Yes, it can wear down your tooth enamel, but since there is plenty of coconut oil, the coconut oil outweighs the baking soda, and it helps remineralize your teeth. The baking soda also cleanses, and helps whiten your teeth. We all want pearly whites! The peppermint oil gives the toothpaste a minty fresh flavor, and the Thieves essential oil helps boost your immunity, and freshen your breath as well. No toxins, no weird chemicals, no harmful anything in this toothpaste! 
I am so excited about my eco-friendly journey! I have replaced so many products that could potentially hurt me, or give me cancer, with homemade, or all-natural, and eco-friendly products. Not only am I keeping my family and I safe, and living chemical, and toxin free, but this new regime also saves us money! When we buy a jar of coconut oil, we are using it for so many things: toothpaste, oil pulling, for baking, for beauty, for deodorant; when we buy a box of baking soda, we use it for laundry, dishwasher, deodorant, toothpaste, baking, deodorizing, cleansing, and so much more! It is honestly such a frugal thing to make, and it keeps the chemicals out of my body! That was my goal with this toothpaste, and yay! that goal was achieved. Homemade toothpaste for the win! 


  1. I just whipped up some homemade toothpaste for myself, and I am loving it! The recipe I'm following is similar to yours (minus the Thieves).

    1. That is awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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