Hiking at Hoyt Arboretum with Suja Juice

Such a fun day! I spent my whole afternoon at my favorite place, hiking, and taking in the beautiful day. Today was such a pretty, sunny day, the weather could not have been better for a trip to the Hoyt Arboretum. For those of you who are not familiar with the Hoyt Arboretum, it is a large piece of land in Washington Park, it neighbors the Oregon Zoo. It is a piece of land with many hiking trails, and collections of rare trees, common trees, trees found all over the world. It is basically a living museum with trees and plants that act as the exhibits. It is the coolest, most beautiful place, and it is practically in my backyard. I love going for hikes or morning yoga there, but now, I like to take my Suja Juice with me. It is a fun, colorful way to get your fruits and veggies, and to fuel busy days.

Suja Juice is one of the best juice cleanse systems out there right now. Made in San Diego, California, and made with locally sourced fruit and veggies, it makes for the best tasting juice ever! Suja Juice uses all natural, organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies to provide pure juice. They are so simple that they put all of their ingredients right on the front of the bottle, and it will tell you exactly everything that is inside the juice. They even cold-pressure their juice to keep it fresh, and keep up the quality. They cold-pressure their juice to keep the essential vitamins that come from the fruit and veggies they put in their juice.
As I was walking on the Redwood trail side, there were these large patches of sun that shown through the trees. I stopped for a few minutes to let the sun shine on my face, and it felt so good to feel a little bit of upcoming Spring on my skin. This Winter has been cold and gloomy, so this beautiful day was the perfect medicine for the Winter blues. I also love that those at Hoyt reference their sections of certain trees as "collections." It makes the trail experience feel like you are walking through a museum. 
When I get to the Redwood deck (the prettiest deck I ever did see), I like to take breaks from the hike, and take in the view, or do a little extra work out, or yoga pose. I have my Suja Juice right there beside me, ready to fuel. 
It is so refreshing! Throughout the hike, I was drinking Spark, which is a tart, sweet and spicy juice that gives you a little kick. It has strawberries, lemons, tart cherry, and cayenne pepper! It was delicious, and I really liked the little bit of heat that the cayenne pepper gave me. 
Suja Juice is such a fun, and healthy drink. I have always tried to live a healthy life, but currently, I am super health conscious, and I am always encouraging others to choose healthier options, such as: cucumber slices over potato chips for snacking, or instead of sitting and watching TV, do some floor exercises. Little things like that. I love living a healthy lifestyle; I even read and repeat these really awesome nutrition affirmations. They help motivate me to think about what I consume. With Suja Juice, I know that it is healthy for me, and it will only benefit my body and my health. 
Another favorite destination on the hiking trails of the Hoyt Arboretum is what I like to call the, "Rooty Tree," because this tree's roots are so obviously exposed. It is one of the Hoyt Arboretum's hidden gems. I would have to say that the Redwood deck and the "Rooty Tree" are my favorite places at the Hoyt Arboretum. It is so mystical, and so fascinating. Nature is just fascinating, and so lovely, and of course nourishing. Taking hikes is nourishing for the soul, and drinking Suja nourishes the body. Drinking Suja is basically nature at it's finest bottled up for our benefit, which is the best! 
Hikes at Hoyt are always refreshing. A bit of exercise, and pretty views are always food for the soul. Suja Juice made the hikes extra refreshing, and fueled me keep hiking, and keep my confidence up while snapping photos even when there were other trail walkers passing by. I love Suja Juice for a healthy snack! I love drinking it with breakfast, or during my hikes or walks, but I would love to try a juice cleanse. In the next week, I will be doing a juice cleanse with Suja Juice and I will share my experience. I am really excited! 

Tomorrow is Friday! Who's excited for the weekend? 

This post was sponsored by Suja Juice. All photos and opinions are my own. 


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