Half Up Bun & Braid Tutorial

Who has been seeing this adorable hair style on social media? It has grown on me, and now I love it! It is also super easy to do! I love quick hair styles for any day! Having my hair done helps me feel productive, and helps me feel successful. You know the saying, "Messy bun, and getting things done?" Well that is how I feel when my hair is done. Period. A messy bun mostly, but any hair style will do. This hair style is super popular right now, and I didn't think I could pull off the half bun with my long hair, but I was wrong! It looks awesome.
The hair accessories that you should need to do this style are: 
-5-6 bobby pins
-tiny elastic
-comb or brush 

With combed-through hair, separate a chunk of hair on the top layer of your hair, as if you are doing a half-up ponytail. 
Twist the chunk of hair you separated into a bun and secure the bun with bobby pins all around the bun in a circle. I find that this makes the bun totally secure. 
Grab a medium sized piece of hair from the side. This piece will be the side braid. 
Begin braiding down, whatever braid you want. I chose to do a fishtail. You can do a regular three stranded braid, or dutch braid, or fishtail. Whatever braid you want. I like to pull the loops of the braid to make the braid bigger. 
Secure it with the elastic, and enjoy it! 
This hair style is so cute! Again, I love how easy it is! 
I am completely obsessed with messy buns and braids. A hair style that includes both of them, well, I am all about that! Great for easy days, a day out, busy days, whatever kind of day you are having, make your day with this easy hair style. 

Happy Wednesday! 


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