Butterfly Eye Makeup with Younique

Makeup is such a fun part of my life. I have taken a break from doing makeup and beauty tutorials so I can expand my focus on other projects. Well, I am back in the swing of things! Over the weekend, I came up with a beautiful eye makeup tutorial that I like to call the "Butterfly Eye." It is that beautiful violet color from Younique's Addiction Shadow Palette 3. Their eye shadow palettes are beautiful, and I love creating beautiful eye makeup looks with their palettes. This tutorial is actually really easy, so if you aren't too familiar with eye shadow, this tutorial breaks it down for you.
I love the colors of the Addiction Shadow Palette. They go great with bluish or greenish eyes, and depending on how you mix and use the pigments, you can create a beautiful, everyday look, or an evening, or party look. It all comes in one palette, and there are so many options! 
To help you understand the way of the look, I have numbered the pigments. 
First, I begin with Flippant on the eyelids with the Deluxe brush, then I mix together Ecstatic and Cheeky with the Crease Brush, just a tap in Cheeky, and a tap in Ecstatic, then a little more Cheeky on the inner corner of my eye. Use the Deluxe Brush to blend the crease colors togethers and soften it, then use Smitten on the lower brow bone for highlighting. 
These are all the products that I used to complete my eye makeup: 
Moodstruck Precision Liquid Liner in Perfect (was a promotional item, not available)
Moodstruck Precision Eye Pencil in Prosperous on waterline
There was a time when eye shadow intimidated me, but after I picked up a few tricks, taught myself a few makeup hacks, and learned my way around an eye shadow palette, makeup looks are incredibly easy, and they are so much fun to share! 


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