Transforming Women's Health with Vubino

Today, I am getting real personal. I am talking about cycles, women's health, and a little device that has changed the way I deal with my "time of the month." Why am I talking about this publicly? Because I am a girl who is interested in innovating women's health and being a part of the ever-changing ways we deal with feminine care. A little while back, I was scrolling through Instagram, and saw a sponsored ad for a brand called Vubino. It was talking about ways to "green" your period, and to ditch those cotton sticks and female diapers that are filled with harsh fibers, and chemicals. I was instantly intrigued. I kept reading about this thing called the menstrual cup, and while I have heard of them before, I never really thought about them. I thought they were scary and totally out of the question. As I kept reading about how harmful tampons and pads can be for your body, for your wallet, and for the environment, I was convinced that it was time for me to give this menstrual cup a try.

As a gal who has been reinventing her life to live chemical free, create far less waste, and to save money with reusable products, I was so excited for my Vubino menstrual cup to get here! One evening, I came home from work, and there was a box waiting for me in the mailbox. I opened it, and I opened the Vubino box, tugged open the cute and discrete bag it comes with, I saw it. I saw the menstrual cup. I was scared at first, ladies! My thoughts, "That is going to go inside me? Hmmm. No. I don't think so. I don't think it will work. It will not fit." I put it back in the sinch bag, and back in the box, and put it in the back of my beauty box to forget about. I couldn't forget about it so easily though. I kept seeing menstrual cup posts on Pinterest, and it egged my curiousity on about it. I decided after a couple of days of leaving it alone, that I would give it a try. My first time trying it out, I hated it. My thoughts, "Ummm... It is painful. This isn't happening, ever." I put it away back in it's box, and swore it off. The next morning, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I decided to give it another try, and the second time, with different folds, It was a success! It still felt funky, so I might not have had it all the way in, but I was very hopeful! 
I kept practicing, and making sure it was comfortable before I actually needed to use it for real. When I did have to use it for real, it was a breeze! I really liked it and never once did I say, "Dang, I really miss those tampons!" I did not miss those things one bit! I do recommend using some organic pantyliners if you don't feel confident in the menstrual cup at first. During my "heavy" days, I did use a pantyliner, and it made me feel confident. 
I have been getting some questions that from other gals who are interested in the menstrual cup. The most popular question is: 
-Can you feel it when it is inside? No. Absolutely not. It is not painful, you cannot feel it once inside. 
-Is it really reusable?
Absolutely! It can last up to ten years! 
-Can you sleep with it in? 
Absolutely. You can keep the cup in for about 8 hours, so sleeping with it in won't be a bugger. 

A really neat thing about the menstrual cup is that I never have to go down the feminine care products aisle again! I also never have to carry "supplies" in my purse. I just carry the cute, little sinch bag in my purse when I am out and about. 
While we are on the subject of periods, I wanted to share some essentials that help get me through that sometimes gruesome week. I love having cozy socks and a warm cup of tea when I am at home. It makes it all the more better! I also love putting my Sclaressence oil on my abdomen, or on my temples to promote relaxation. Sclaressence uses Clary Sage, which is a major hormone helper for women. I also love the smell! It is so incredibly grounding, and it makes for a better "time of the month." I also like to use Pamprin every once in a while when my cramps are unbearable. I don't like to rely on Pamprin, but sometimes I just need a break from the pain. I also love having healthy sweet treats around. If I eat a bunch of sugar, I will even worse than I already do during that week. Having some healthy snacks around makes me feel so much better because I can take care of my sweet tooth, but I don't have to feel gross after. Another way to break from the pain is the use of a heating pad. The heating pad I barely use, but when I use it, it is great relief! Of course, the newest addition to my essentials is the Vubino menstrual cup. 
I love that I am making my "time of the month" more green. I love that I gave the menstrual cup another shot, and I love that it works well for me! If you are interested in getting your own Vubino, check out their website
It gives you all kinds of info on how to use it, and what using a Vubino means for you, for your wallet, and for your planet. 
If you do end up using a Vubino, let me know how it works for you!