Tea Tank for Tea Lovers

I am in love with my Tea Tank! I got my Tea Tank from my awesome Uncle for Christmas, and it has put a new spin on tea drinking. When I received it, I was stoked! I love neat bottles, and cups for my beverages, and I especially love a bottle that is specifically for tea. Tea Tank is absolutely perfect for taking tea on-the-go in a stylish way. It keeps your tea hot or cold for longer periods of time due to it's insulated feature. Tea Tank isn't just for tea, you can also infuse water with fruit, or infuse your tea with lemon, ginger, or other types of fruit. It is such a wonderful contraption for those tea lovers out there!

As it has been chilly, snowy, and icy lately, I have been enjoying more and more hot beverages, such as tea and coffee, and using my Tea Tank, I can take my tea with me wherever I go, and stay cozy. I love the simple design of the Tea Tank, with it's wooden screw top that keeps the tea even more insulated. I love the fact that it is glass because then I can put a drop of citrus essential oils in my tea, or a lemon wedge in my tea or water and the citrus won't draw anything toxic out of the glass Tea Tank. 
This morning with my breakfast, I used some of Perennial Tea Room's Morning Blend loose tea in my Tea Tank. It is relaxing, and has a strong taste to help kick-start my day. I love when I pour the hot water into the Tea Tank with the loose tea in it's canister, it instantly starts steeping when the water is poured over. 
I love that Tea Tank isn't a large bottle. It fits in my hand perfectly, and the amount is absolutely perfect for me. Tea Tank makes for cozy breakfasts, and cozy evenings when I wind down after work. 
Tea Tank comes with a stainless steel loose tea holder, and a twist-on, stainless steel lid for the stainless steel tea steeper. It fits in the cylindrical glass bottle perfectly, and it stays in place. It doesn't rattle around when you tip it to drink out of, and if you like strong tea such as I do, you can keep the stainless steel tea steeper inside the Tea Tank while you consume your tea. You don't just have to use loose tea with the Tea Tank. I love using it with my organic tea bags too. You have two options with tea bags: 1. You can open the tea bag and empty the tea into the stainless steel tea steeper, or 2. You can put the tea bag directly into the tea tank, and set aside the stainless steel tea steeper. 
Along with my Tea Tank, my Uncle gave me some scrumptious, yet tart tea from Teavana. Passion Tango is rich in color, and rich in flavor. It is fabulous both hot and cold, and it is perfect in my Tea Tank. 
Tea Tank is like a portable tea pot that that you drink right out of, so if you are a fan of strong tea, you have the source right there, and you have perfectly steeped tea every time. It also allows mixing of teas. If you have two loose leaf teas that you think would taste amazing together, you can put the two teas in the stainless steel tea steeper, and have them blend right there on the spot. You can create your own tea blend and it may end up being your favorite! 
I have seen other tea infuser bottles on social media, but in my opinion, I think Tea Tank is the best! 
If you are interested in getting your very own Tea Tank, and making your tea drinking experience even better, visit Tea Tank's website to check it out. 
This post holds my own opinion about Tea Tank, and was in no way endorsed by the company. 


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