Ice Storm in Portland. Jan. 2016

Yesterday, I woke up to pouring-down snow, and a view of a Winter Wonderland. It was such an exciting morning. I took a little walk in my backyard with my morning coffee, and observed the beautiful, white blanket that covered my backyard. It was about an inch of snow, and the grass was poking through the layered flakes. It was beautiful and serene. Around 2:00 pm, the small rain drops that were coming down turned to ice on the roads, and on other objects outside, exposed to the elements. The roads were getting slick, and it was becoming treacherous.

I was scheduled to go to work yesterday, and I figured that I would just leave extra early and take it very slow. My folks went out to go grocery shopping, but they came back about ten minutes later because they were seeing cars spinning out of control, and thought not to continue with their trekk to the grocery store. My dad ended up taking me to work, and I am so thankful that he is experienced in driving in icy conditions. All throughout work, the ice and the road conditions got worse. As I walked out to my dad's car after work, I almost slipped and fell into the splits due the slippery walk ways. We got home safe, with a few scary, unavoidable slides. We saw the aftermath of two TriMet bus crashes, across the street from each other, and many abandoned cars with flashing hazards that got stuck. I am thankful we got home safe. We did slide into the grass a bit as we parked outside my house, but we were safe. 
Last night, the rain froze again, making the road a long ice skating rink, and some icicles as long as swords. I took a very careful walk in the ice this morning, cracking and crunching the ground beneath me. I waited all night to go explore the aftermath of the ice storm, and it brought me back to the ice storm we had in February of 2014. During my walk, I walked like a duck, shuffled slowly across the really slippery parts of the patio and walkway, and driveway. I ended up slipping and falling out front by my car on the frozen over grass. 
Weather can be really fascinating. It can make a city a very treacherous place to get around, but it can also make everything so beautiful and so lovely. I loved seeing the plants and tree branches encased in ice.
When I walked along the frozen and slippery layer that covered my yard, I crunched the layer of ice, and could pick up large chunks of ice. It was fun to throw them back down on the ground and have them shatter in a million pieces like glass. 
The icicles were insane. They added to the Winter Wonderland effect tremendously. They were also fun to break off the shed, throw onto the ground, and watch them shatter and slide on the icy ground. 
My poor, little car is covered in a giant sheet of ice, and is frozen to the ground. I am probably not going to be able to drive it later to work. My dad will have to take me again, which is so much better, and so much safer because I have no experience driving in icy conditions. This whole experience reminds me that I should probably get some chains for my car. 
For my ice walk, I was cozy in my oatmeal duster sweater, Evy's Tree hoodie, and my Hunter Boots. I was warm to the bone, and didn't get a single chill. 
View from inside the house of some icicles that are hanging off the roof. Crazy! 
I love documenting crazy weather conditions because they don't happen too often. The big ice storm like this happened about a couple years ago. Last year, we had a mini ice storm, but it only lasted a day. This ice will probably stick around until tomorrow. It is already melting, but those sheets of ice are pretty thick.
While the icicles melt, and the roads hopefully begin to thaw, I am going to enjoy coziness inside my Yogi tea, Netflix, and Pinterest.
If you are in an area where the weather has made driving and road conditions unsafe, stay in your homes, or if you have to go out, please use chains, and drive with extreme caution. It is scary out there. I do have to go into work again today, and my amazing dad will take me to work. I am so thankful. Until I have to go, I am going to enjoy watching the icicles glisten as they melt, and enjoy the white wonderland outside my window, and savor the Winter weather.