10 Ways to Feel Accomplished on Lazy Days

We all love and wish for those lazy days, but when they happen, such as during a holiday break or if you are taking a break from on-campus classes (like I am), those lazy days at home aren't super rare. While I do go to work, I work most every evening, but those days that I have off, I don't feel like doing much of anything. This can be a problem when it reaches 9:30 PM, or 10:00 PM, and I look back on my day knowing I didn't do a thing. I love feeling accomplished, even if I am exhausted and have completed many goals over the past few days. I like to feel accomplished on even my lazy days, and here is what I do to feel accomplished all while streaming episodes of The Office or Friends on Netflix.
1. Wipe down counters/Give your kitchen/bathroom a "once over.": 
I am the kind of person who can't really relax if the house is a mess. I keep up habits that help keep the house neat and tidy without a lot of effort. I love giving my kitchen or bathroom a daily "once-over," which is just something I like to call when I wipe down the counters, sink handles or knobs, door knobs, light switches, etc. Basically everything that is touched or used multiple times a day, or at least daily. It makes you feel accomplished, and it helps you clean your home the quick way. I like to use my Norwex cloths for fast, healthier, better, and eco-friendly cleaning. I will talk about these fabulous Norwex cloths in a later post. 
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3. While sitting and not in the mood for exercise, eat some fun but healthy snacks. I am definitely not an exercise fiend, but I don't turn myself  into a chair potato by eating potato chips... Instead, I make myself healthy TV snacks that I be guilt-free about when I eat them. They are easy snacks that use what most people already have in their kitchens. I made this "Banana dessert sushi" today, and it was scrumptious, yet healthy! Way better than that microwave popcorn or that bag of Cheetos. Here are a few healthy, yet easy snacks for you to make
I tried out the Banana Dessert Sushi that I found on Pinterest. All you do is spread peanut butter on a banana, sprinkle with seeds, chocolate chips, raisins or craisins, and some protein powder. 
4. Drink a few water bottles: 
I always feel really accomplished when I drink more water. There are even apps to helps you out! Or, you can keep track with just a simple pencil and paper. Set yourself a goal, such as "Drink three (or four, depending on the amount of water-intake you should be drinking) 700 ml water bottles today," and them cross off one after another when you swallow the last sip. Setting goals and completing them helps me feel more accomplished, and on those lazy days, completing simple goals such as drinking water, it's pretty darn easy! 
5. Do a couple of yoga poses:
Now I may not be an exercise fiend, but I am for sure a yoga fiend. There are some gentle yoga poses to help you detox and "scrub" your veins and arteries for a clearer system. I always feel refreshed when I complete a mini yoga sequence. Here is a little yoga sequence that will make you feel refreshed, accomplished, and help you carry out the rest of your lazy day. 
6. Call or write to someone you haven't talked to in a while. Just let them know you are thinking of them. 
Just the other day, in fact, I called my Great-Grandma Biggs and thanked her for the Christmas gift she sent. I had a post-it note of her phone number on my dresser for a few days and on my lazy day, a few days ago, I called her and thanked her for the gift. It felt good! Our conversation was brief, but it felt good to call her! I accomplished something important, and it felt awesome. Little things like that can totally change your mood and change your whole day for the better! So call up mom, or call up Grandma, or write a letter to a friend you haven't seen in a while. 

7. Got a dusting mitt? Give your living room or bedroom a quick "once over." It's a snap.
Yes, you guessed it! "It's probably a Norwex dusting mitt!" Yes! You are correct! I love my Norwex dusting mitt because it makes dusting a breeze and a snap. Time yourself, and make a game out of it! Give yourself 8-10 minutes and dust your whole front room, bedroom, wherever! Or if you live in a smaller space, give yourself 10 minutes to dust everything! It's fun, it helps you clean your house, AND helps you feel accomplished. 
8. Get dressed:
Just getting out of your pajamas and into something new, even it is in yoga pants or sweats, you changed and you did something! Yay! Changing out the clothes you slept in can make a difference for the rest of your day. 
9. Take a shower/wash your face and "get ready" for your lazy day. 
Freshening up from your night's rest by either taking a quick shower or washing your face can give you an up-and-adam attitude! Brush your hair, and even put on some eyeliner and mascara! Maybe the UPS guy will be cute. ;) I always feel refreshed, and ready to conquer a whole season of The Office after I go through my morning routine. (I am really not THAT lazy, I was trying to crack a joke.) 
10. Put on your diffuser/light a candle. It makes all the difference. 
Purify the air in your home and boost your immunity/ or uplift your spirits with your essential oil diffuser and a few of your favorite oils, or make your home smell like laundry with a candle! It is such a lazy day game changer! 
Lazy days can be awesome, especially if you have worked hard all week, and you just need to sit down or lay on the couch with the remote. Even if I have had a busy week, I love doing little things to make my lazy days matter too. I hate that "not-accomplished" feeling at the end of a day, a day I didn't do a thing. I do the things on the list above to keep my lazy days not-so-lazy, and a little more productive. If you have anymore  suggestions on how to feel accomplished on lazy days, please comment below! I would love your input! :) 

Have a great hump day!