Morning Coffee with Keep Cup

Coffee is an art to me, as I have said in the past. Lately, I have created a morning ritual of spending a quiet morning in the kitchen, either warming up the Keurig or pre-heating the French press, and making my coffee to go about my morning routine. Coffee is not what powers my morning routine, it is a part of my morning routine. I love delighting in the flavor of the coffee, feeling the warm liquid through the cup as it warms my hands, it is a wonderful beginning to my morning routine. My morning routine has been a bit more fun lately with my new Keep Cup! I have been eyeing Keep Cups for the past year, and I love the way they look. I love the design, and the color use, and I especially love their *green* mission. Hello Coffee with Keep Cup!
I received my Keep Cup in Magic (a color block cup of sky blue and pastel green) for Christmas from my parents. I love the gifts that support the *green* mission. Keep Cup supports reducing waste, recycling, and reusing. Keep Cup could not have come at a better time! I have been buying coffee out in those paper to-go cups for the past couple of months, and while I have been recycling them, I was not re-using. With Keep Cup, it encourages me to stay at home, KEEP my routine, KEEP my money, and KEEP stylish with my Keep Cup. 
This morning, I used my French Press to create espresso style coffee, and oh my goodness, it was wonderful. With the style of the Keep Cup, I feel like I just bought coffee from the cutest coffee shop... my kitchen. I may be too passionate when it comes to coffee, but when I make my own, and it tastes amazing, I take pride in my amateur barista skills. 
Keep Cup keeps my coffee hot all morning, and it is perfect because sometimes it takes all morning for me to drink my coffee. I received the medium size, which is 12 oz. and the size I normally get when I go out. 12 oz. is usually the cheapest, and the most coffee that my body can handle. Depending on the blend, 12 oz. of coffee can sometimes make me hyperactive. :[ 
I love my cute Keep Cup for my morning coffee, and while my breakfast choices may not always be smart, the choice of using my Keep Cup IS! So, instead of going out for coffee, wasting gas, spending your hard earned pennies on an expensive cup of coffee, get your Keep Cup, and make your coffee at home! Take your stylish Keep Cup with you everywhere, and support the *green* mission. 
...and it is still Holiday Week, so some Holiday goodies for breakfast every once in a while is okay. No judging ;) 
To get your own Keep Cup, visit . This post is in no way endorsed by Keep Cup, I just passionately support their movement, and I am a bit coffee crazy with a weakness for cute, and simple design. 

So, add a little more pizzazz to your morning coffee routine with Keep Cup, and take pride in your coffee again.