How Your Tea Skin Magic Tea Is Helping My Skin: Internal Skincare

I have been battling and fighting for clearer skin all Summer. I have tried so many different types of clear skin detox teas, and none of them work like Your Tea Skin Magic Tea does. My acne issue is hormonal related, which makes it somewhat harder to get rid of. I take care of my skin very well, so it is not a problem on the surface of my skin, it is internal. I first heard about Your Tea a couple years ago from a friend. I finally purchased a box of Skin Magic tea a few weeks ago, and I see it working wonders on my skin. I cannot tell you how good it feels to get my skin back to normal. I am so excited about this tea, and how it actually works!
There are a few reasons why acne or blemishes occur: 

1. Skin is not being cleaned daily/properly and pores are clogged.
2. Stress impacting cortisol levels in the blood
3. Poor sleep
4. Poor diet
5. Imblanced hormones/monthly cycle 

My acne problem is hormonal, and stress inflicted. I had a problem where I would stress about every, little thing. I would question my abilities, and my confidence was incredibly low. Well, this tea has been just wonderful in help clear up my skin. Acne also occurs because there may be hormonal wastes in the lymph system, and, unfortunately, those wastes and imbalances can come out in the form of acne.
Your Tea is created by Aussies, and their mission is to make and provide nourishing teas for the mind, body, and soul. They form their teas with all natural, organic botanicals, herbs, and Chinese red teas, which are known for their skin clearing properties. There are many teatox companies out there, but I decided to go with Your Tea because they use all natural, organic ingredients, and frankly because their packaging is cute and simple. :) 

Here is a little breakdown of the ingredients and their benefits: 

Aloe Vera is known for it's cleansing and clearing abilities. It nourishes, and rejuvenates the skin. It gives your skin the proper nutrients to satisfy "skin hunger." Aloe vera hydrates, aids in clearing heat from the skin, and drain away any inflammation through urination. 

Licorice Root nourishes, and makes the tea taste sweet, and subtle. Licorice root also helps correct and promote good digestion. Licorice root also allows the spleen and stomach to absorb nutrients. The awesome Aussies at Your Tea say that when your gut health is compromised, we can't properly use the nutrients that we can't consume, so then our bodies can't happily digest. When we don't utilize the nutrients we consume, our bodies miss out on the vital elements that nourish our skin big time. This is not only important for digestion, but for keeping those hormones in check. Like I mentioned above, when hormones are out of whack, your skin does not benefit in the best way. 

Lotus Seed shares the benefits of licorice root. 

Jasmine helps to cool and calm the skin.

Bai Xian Pi , a root plant that is very similar to ginger partners with Jasmine to help drain and heal up painful blemishes, and helps to generate new skin cells to heal from the blemish and or scarring. 
Skin Magic tea not only helps keep your largest organ healthy and clear, but it helps promote and form a better digestion, balances hormones, evens skin tone, helps diminish eczema, and even helps to clear cystic acne. 

I have created a little tea ritual each morning and each night with my Skin Magic Tea. I have created the ritual around the tea drinking directions, which state to drink the tea 30 minutes before or after eating, and not to be consumed with a meal. When I wake up, I take thirty minutes to sip my tea, check my emails, write down some things that I want or need to get done that day. At night, when I come home from work, I get in my comfies, and I sip my tea before I eat dinner. It is relaxing, and I love knowing that with every sip, my skin is improving. 
Here are the "before & after" pictures regarding my blemishes. This first picture is when my acne was really bad, three weeks ago. Utterly embarrassed, horrified, and sad to even show my face. My intention with this photo was to spend a few minutes editing it in photo shop to make my skin look perfect and use it in a different post. I am actually using it for this purpose. Unedited, and a way to show you how great the Skin Magic Tea works. 
This photo was taken a couple of days ago, after being on the Skin Magic tea detox for three weeks. I can see major improvement! I still have a ways to go on improving my skin, and a ways to go on the Skin Magic tea detox, but I am loving the way my skin and body is reacting to the detox from Your Tea. 
I am so excited about getting my skin back to normal! I firmly believe that taking care of your skin starts internally, and ends outwardly. The first step to healthy skin is to make sure your inner health is up to par. By keeping your skin hydrated, eating and keeping a healthy diet, and making sure your body properly absorbs all of the nutrients it needs to keep your skin healthy. All the while your inner health is being corrected, you should most definitely take care of your skin outwardly.

What do you do keep your skin clear and healthy? 


  1. Hey, this is such a great post. I found these guys like over 6-months ago and was really keen to buy them but I don't think they had this tea at the time. I tried Bootea only for the skin results and my friends said it worked wonders, but it had a pretty adverse effect on my bowels haha.

    I am all for the natural the organic and clean ingredient and so I take Primrose oil and star flower for a bit of hormone balancing and general hair and nail care. I found this was really good for keeping the skin clearer and reducing the time of raw blemishes so it has been good but still not quite there.

    I am deffo going to give this a try as you have completely sold me. Everything you said about stressing out over everything sounds just like me and as a result my sleep is sometimes deprived also because of my very busy and active lifestyle that it s always on the underground in London.

    I eat really well, look after my body and skin in the best way possible, I drink lots of water and avoid sugar completely, and have tried everything but still not there with that photo finish skin.

    Going to get this straight away! great post and good luck with the rest of your blogging.

    Sohini x

    1. Yay! I am so glad! Yes, this tea is just fabulous! I am seeing such great changes. While I am from the States, I have heard of Bootea! I have heard great things about it. It's not fun when you are trying to use something for an ailment and it gives you another ailment! Not fun!
      I am glad you are going to give Skin Magic tea from Your Tea a try!
      let me know how it goes for you!

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