Yoga Braid for Longer Hair Inspiration

This morning, I spent a good thirty minutes trying to make my hair go into every which way with the crazy braids that I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I need a little more practice in the crown braiding, but I have plenty of practice with Dutch braiding. I have seen this braid on Pinterest, and hair blogs, so I was really fascinated, and really wanted to try it out. I love braided ponytails like this for yoga class because they lay flat against my back, and they don't bug the back of my head when I lay on my mat. This is a great style those needing a relaxed hair style kind of day.
-To begin this hair style, grab a medium sized piece of hair from the top of your head, and separate it into three pieces. 

-Begin braiding the strands under each other instead of over each other, and don't grab a separate piece of hair from the side of your head just yet.

-Continue Dutch braiding down, and now add in a piece from the side of your head. Add in a piece from the side of your head every so often down your head. Not with each cross under, but with about every four to five cross unders. 

-Continue to Dutch braid down the length of your hair and tie off with an elastic. 
I love doing fun hairstyles for Yoga class, but sometimes the hairstyles can get in the way of focus and relaxation, and that is why I feel this is one of the best hairstyles for yoga class. It is flat against your head, flat against your back, and doesn't bug any part of your upper body during corpse pose.I am going to be blogging about yoga a lot this term, with yoga outfit ideas, benefits of poses, and more hairstyles for yoga class. I am really excited! This term, my yoga class is fairly large. That is a lot of people to get to know. I hope that I get to know at least one of them pretty well. 
What are your favorite hairstyles for yoga class or workouts?