Weekly Goals 9/28-10/4

With starting a new chapter of my life, entering the second year of my college career, I have decided to start new personal traditions. One of those personal traditions is to write down and set weekly goals for myself. Every Monday, I get out my Post-Its, and write down goals that I want to meet for that week. I reached most of my goals from last week, and I am really pleased already with how this system works, and how it helps me to get stuff done.
Last week, I set some goals, such as buy/order all my text books that I needed for the term, and I accomplished that. I also had a goal on my list to sell $100 worth of Younique product. Unfortunately, I was $49 away from reaching the full goal, but I made a sale! I call that success anyway. There were other goals on there such as create a routine, get better sleep, and make a few videos for my Younique business. I accomplished those as well! Even though I have only been practicing this tradition for a week, I can see that keeping a list of goals where you can see it everyday helps you create a mindset for accomplishing those goals. 
I like to stick my list of goals on my wall above my dresser. It is a place that I look at everyday, and I read those goals to myself each morning. This morning, I created a new set of weekly goals, and I am excited to meet them! 

Here are my weekly goals for this week: 
1. Sell $100 worth of Younique products
2. Get my blog posts done
3. Sponsor at least 1 new girl for Younique
4. Make three new videos for Younique
5. Get UWF stuff mostly done
6. Schedule a dentist appointment 
7. Schedule a doctor's appointment

And then while I make weekly goals, I have my monthly goals as well: 
1. Hit yellow in Younique
2. Get better sleep
3. Find some fall clothes
4. Make at least one more Younique sale 

Since September is almost over, I might need to transfer some of those monthly goals over to October. Which does bot mean failure, it just means that it may take some time to complete those other goals. 
I have always loved keeping check lists, and crossing or marking off things that I completed, so setting and meeting goals is just another form of those checklists. If you have goal meeting methods, I would love to know your ways on setting and meeting your personal goals. 

I hope you all have a successful week! 


  1. I love this idea! It's simple, but brilliant. I'm totally going to start writing my goals on Post-Its and putting them on my bathroom mirror. One of the things I've been doing lately is giving myself rewards when I achieve my goals. Something inexpensive, but frivalous, something I might already plan on purchasing eventually anyways. The rewards keeps me focused on my goal and I feel so great when I make the purchase versus if I just went out and bought it solely because I wanted it.



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