Vanity Planet Spin Brush For Perfect Skin

I found out about the Spin Brush from one of my favorite bloggers, Casey Wiegand. She had a great discount code for 70% off the Spin Brush, so I scored the Sprin Brush from Vanity Planet for only $30! I am in love with my Spin Brush! It actually cleans my skin, and my skin has improved greatly since I have been using my Spin Brush.
I love using the cleanser brush! I use it the most, but the Spin Brush comes with four brush attachments. It comes with the daily cleanser brush, exfoliator brush, body brush, and pummus stone. The pummus stone is not for your face! These attachments are so easy to change out on the base. You just pull off an attachment, and push a different back in. So easy! I was a little scared to use a motorized facial cleanser, but it really isn't rough on my skin. It has improved my skin overall. While I am still trying to improve my skin, and it's not perfect, the Spin Brush helps my skin stay clean. Washing my face with cleanser and my hands doesn't really deep clean, but with the help of the bristles and the spinning motion of the brush, it cleans even better! 
I took my Spin Brush traveling with me, and it travels really well. It isn't a massive machine, it is a small brush, and it actually foams up the cleanser rather quickly. It quickens the time that I spend on my face, and when I am traveling, I want spend less time getting ready, and more time vacationing. This Spin Brush is everything amazing! 
The Spin Brush from Vanity Planet has totally changed the way I wash my face! Sometimes, when people first begin using motorized facial cleansers, such as the Clarisonic, they experience break outs on their skin. I was worried that was going to happen to me when I first began using the Spin Brush, but I luckily did not experience that. It has only improved my skin! The Spin Brush has even removed and cleared out the blackheads from around my nose! It wasn't a severe problem, but blackheads mean that my skin wasn't truly clean. 

The bristles on the everyday cleansing brush are soft, and they are actually pretty gentle. If you lightly press the Spin Brush to your skin, all you will be doing is cleansing your skin. If you press the Spin Brush harder against your skin, you could damage the skin cells, and leave your skin temporarily sensitive. 
I am in love with my Spin Brush! It is awesome, perfect, and has helped my skin out big time! I found out about Vanity Planet at just the right time because my skin has not been doing well this Summer, but lately, it has been improving, and I have to give some of the credit to this great, little brush. 


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