Things I Am

My Summer is ending today. What a great Summer it was! I learned a lot about myself this Summer, and I have been battling low self-esteem, boosting confidence, and reminding myself that I am beautiful. While I am still in the process of boosting my confidence, and boosting my self esteem, I have come a long way. I have used many methods used to help me overcome these low feelings, such as my essential oils, verbal reminders, writing it down, and I think I am doing great so far. I decided to write down a list of all of the positive things that I am. Writing it out, seeing it in physical form, and reading it helps reassure me that I am amazing!
Things I Am...

I am beautiful
I am successful
I am kind
I am silly
I am cool
I am powerful
I am friendly
I am nice
I am smart
I am happy
I am creative
I am positive
I am caring
I am healthy
I am inspiring
I am fun
I am cute
I am stylish
I am loving and loveable
I am a doer
I am a blogger
I am a friend
I am a hard worker
I am an influencer
I am confident
Writing out the positive things in my life really helps me see and believe that those positive things are true. This Summer has been a major stepping stone for me. It has been a transition Summer, and it went by much too quickly. I learned that you have to love yourself first before you love anybody else. You also have to love yourself to give others the quality love that you desire to give them. It makes me feel better that I can truly love myself without any hinderances, like feeling ugly, or feeling stupid when I know that is untrue. I am beautiful! I am smart!
Honestly, this exercise has helped me a lot. Writing positive things down, and telling myself that I am these wonderful things. I am everything good. I can handle my flaws because I am a human being, and we all have flaws. I am just not negative about myself, and I don't promote low self-esteem. I am only promoting positive thoughts, high self-esteem, and confidence. 


  1. As the saying goes "you are your own toughest critic" and it definitely takes a lot of work to stop constantly judging yourself and assuming people see you in the same light you see yourself. I was recently working on a branding exercise that you required me to get the opinions of 10-15 people on 3 positive qualities I posess. My friends and family described me in ways I would never see myself, and the exercise ended up giving me an unexpected self-esteem boost. Having a friend or friend(s) who you can call on to be your "cheerleader" has proven to be so helpful for me when I can't get seem to get myself feeling positive. Thank you for being so positive and such a good reminder to us all to work harder at loving ourselves!



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