Sevenly Feature Outfit Love

I ordered this shirt a while ago, and just received it on Wednesday. I was so excited! Sevenly is such an awesome, and caring company. They hire designers for their t-shirts, and each week they have a cause. The t-shirts feature a cause, and when they are purchased, the proceeds go to that cause or charity. When I purchased my Yellowstone National Park shirt, the cause was raising money for the national parks in the United States. I love charitable fashion, and I love showing off that I helped the national parks. It is also special to me because I have been to Yellowstone National Park before. I have seen a bison, and seen Ol' Faithful. I bought the organic cotton t-shirt, and it is so soft, and so comfortable. This outfit is perfect for those days off from work or school, when you go to coffee with friends, or run errands. I am still on the basic style series, and this style is very basic! I love basic style, and I love ethical fashion; mixing the two is just a happy firework for me.
Top: Sevenly
Pants: AE Outfitters
Shoes: Converse All Star 


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