Packing For A One Night Trip & A Road Trip Tote Bag

Ah! My road trip is tomorrow! For the past week, I have been looking at the weather for the Oregon Coast, and I have been looking on Pinterest for packing help. Unfortunately, there are not many pins for packing for a one night trip, so I thought to make my own for those who need a little packing inspiration. Not only am I sharing how to pack for a one night trip, but also how to pack a tote bag for a road trip. I love having a bag up front with me that is filled with snacks, and things that come in handy for road trips. So grab your weekender bag, and let's get packing.
The weather on the coast for tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, and it is supposed to be rainy on Wednesday too. Here is what I am wearing during the drive: 
Easy roll up jeans for if the weather changes magically (which in Oregon is very possible). 
Half sleeved striped shirt which is super comfy, super soft, and super cute. 
Light weight sweatshirt 
The North Face windbreaker/rain jacket
Hunter Boots 
& of course, toiletries (not shown)

I am bringing two pairs of shoes, my Hunter Boots, and my Nike trainers. When packing for a trip, whether it is just downtown, or out of town, always check the weather! This will help you figure out what to bring. 
For Wednesday, on the drive back home, I am going to wear the same jeans, a plain, gray t-shirt, a yellow hoodie, and in case we get caught in the rain, my water resistant jacket, and my trainers. We will be in the car most of the time, so I packed comfy clothes that are simple and "beachy." 

Another great tip for packing, if it isn't Summer, or Winter, or if it is a transition of seasons, you want to bring light layers! You can add or shed the layers as the weather changes. Weather can be unpredictable, so I always like to pack neutral. 
Can't wait to comb the beach and be silly with my friends! It will be somewhat chilly on Wednesday, so I don't think sandals will be a good idea. It is a sacrifice to keep my feet warm. 
For road trips, I find that having a little having tote bag up front with me is helpful. I always pack road snacks, my purse with life's little essentials, like my car keys (pretty necessary for the road trip), wallet, my lip gloss, and my Thieves waterless hand purifier. I also pack my travel oils, and any electronics that I may need. Since I will be driving, I don't think I will bring my ipad. I am still debating. So, bring your chargers! I am also bringing a batch of breakfast cookies (recipe will be up tomorrow). Since we are leaving at 6:00 am, I made breakfast cookies today for tomorrow's quick, and easy breakfast. 
I pack car snacks because I like to save money and bring food instead of buy food on the road. 
I bring my travel essential oils to perk me up, calm me down, and keep me sain. 
I bring my purse & wallet because I like to buy road trip food, and coffee sometimes. 
I am bringing my breakfast cookies because I can eat those while I drive, and get the protein I need. 
I am so proud of myself! I usually way overpack for just a night, but lately, I have been packing very minimal. I love the idea of minimalist packing, and so I am practicing the art of minimalist packing. I am very excited to spend the time on the road with my friends. They are wonderful ladies, and I am excited to get to know them better. 

This trip is going to be AMAZING!


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