Little Oregon Coast Road Trip Day 2

Yesterday was our second and last day of our friends road trip. It ended up being such a beautiful day on the coast, it was too bad we couldn't spend the whole day there. I am thankful that we had the chance to enjoy it for part of the day. We began the second half of our adventure with breakfast at our hotel. Breakfast was included in the room rate, which was lovely! We wanted to save money and cut corners in areas to keep the spending down. I think we did a great job! The breakfast was great! The hotel owners made waffles, and we had some orange juice, and the most amazing blueberry bread! After breakfast, we checked out of our hotel, and drove to grab coffee. Our plans today were minimal, whale watching, then driving home. We wanted to take our coffee to whale watching in Depoe Bay, and it was the perfect addition.

I, of course stopped off at my Mojo Coffee, and the other girls stopped off at Dutch. I got to practice my drive through skills. I don't go through too often. Before heading to Depoe Bay, I wanted to grab a photo of the beautiful beach at Lincoln CityYou can't stay in Lincoln City and not take a photo of its beautiful beach. The girl's were not too interested in going on the beach, but once I drove them to Canyon Drive Park, and they saw the ocean, they had to grab photos as well. Thank you, Danielle for taking this photo. 
While the girls were grabbing their photos, I went on a quick run down to the water's edge. I have to visit the shoreline to make it an official visit. 
Such a great group of girls to travel with! 
The beach brings out the silly in us. 
Danielle took these amazing photos, and helped pose me. Every time I come back to this beach, this body of water gets bigger and bigger, making a lake, and a small creek at the entrance. I hope it doesn't get any bigger because then the entrance would be to the ocean, and nobody could enjoy the sandy beach. I did love the reflection of the clouds in the water though. It was quite beautiful. 
This is the beach access spot that my folks and I always go to. It is our spot where we build beach fires, roast hot dogs, eat s'mores, and wait for the tide to come in to put out our fire. I had to snap a photo of the sign because this particular beach access means a lot to me. 
After our time on the Lincoln City beach, we drove down Highway 101 to Depoe Bay, the whale watching capital of the world. We wanted to go whale watching just to experience Depoe Bay whale watching. It was awesome! We stopped off at a view point near the whale watching center there in Depoe Bay. We grabbed the towels that I brought from home, bundled up, and sat on the sea wall watching for whales. 
We saw at least five whales out there today. We saw them blow the water out of their blow hole, and their backs skim the top of the ocean, we even saw one whale's tale slightly flip out of the water! It was so cool, honestly! Unfortunately, I did not snap a photo of the spouting, but I did tape a video of the whales. I will put the video on on youtube or vimeo later, and post it here. Not only was the whale watching awesome, but our view was stellar. 
On Tuesday, after dinner, we were driving back to our hotel and saw this sign. We wanted to take a picture with it today, so after whale watching, we drove back to Lincoln City, and took some photos with the Oregon sign. While it represents the University of Oregon, I am not meaning for it to represent the University of Oregon. I am taking a photo with it because I hold this state very near and dear to my heart. 
These silly girls. 
After a long drive home, a full and a quarter tank of gas, little sleep, and an evening of work, I am exhausted, but this trip was worth everything! It was such a gift that everyone could go, and it is such a blessing to have such great, sweet friends. This trip was one of the very best I have ever gone on. It was so much fun, and I hope we can do it again sometime. 

Thank you for the awesome adventure girlies!