Homemade Coffee Creamer Featuring Chameleon Cold Brew

I love coffee! There is no secret about it! My favorite type of coffee is cold-brew coffee, and while there are many brands that sell cold-brew coffee, I think that my favorite brand is Chameleon Cold-Brew. Now, sometimes I like to drink my cold-brew black, but to add a little flavor, I like to add creamer to my coffee. Creamer can be expensive, and fattening, so I decided to make my own. I also don't like my creamers to overpower the coffee taste, so making my own where I can control how sweet it is, is perfect!
I started drinking Chameleon Cold-Brew a few months ago. When I went to a little trip to Whole Foods Market, I grabbed a bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee, and fell in love with the crisp, coffee taste. It was like sipping heaven. I am always on the search for great coffee, I love that Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee has a smooth, rich flavorful, and it is really strong. As you know, I love strong coffee. Strong coffee is bold, and it has a better flavor than hot coffee, in my opinion. Another factor that drew me to Chameleon Cold-Brew is their packaging and branding. It is so simple, and I like reptiles, so the little chameleon is pretty cute. I also love the fact that it doesn't give you the crazy jitters that regular coffee gives you. It utilizes natural caffeine, while it still perks you up, it won't make you uncomfortably hyped. Sometimes, coffee does that, and it turns me away. I have never experienced crazy nerve jitters from Chameleon Cold-Brew.  
Chameleon Cold-Brew is totally ready-to-drink when you purchase, and it is delicious! But sometimes, I like to add a little more flavor, and calm the cold-brew down with creamer. As I said before, creamer can very expensive, and can sometimes overpower the taste coffee. I love being able to taste the coffee, so having a creamer that completely overpowers the flavor of coffee is not the way to go, at least for me. I like making my own coffee creamer because it is cheaper, and I can control how sweet it is.  
Here is what you need: 

-1 cup of half & half
-2 tablespoons of maple syrup
-2 tablespoons vanilla extract
-2 tablespoon of raw sugar
-1/4 cup of HOT water

1. Begin heating the water for the sugar in a kettle or on the stove. 
2. In a container, mix together the half & half, maple syrup, and vanilla extract together. 
3. Put the raw sugar in a small, glass container.
4. Once the water comes to boil, pour 1/4 cup of water in with the sugar. 
5. Use a fork or stirring stick to dissolve the sugar in the hot water. 
6. Pour one tablespoon of the sugar water in the container of half & half and the other ingredients. 
7. Mix together all of the ingredients. 
8. Store in the fridge, or enjoy! 
This coffee creamer is so light tasting, you can still taste the coffee, but also taste the sweetness of the creamer. It is the perfect blend. Now, I did get a flavored cold-brew coffee, but I think that it works with the creamer. Who loves the look of coffee when you pour the creamer in? The way it swirls in the coffee, and then settles? I love that! 
I bought the bigger jug of Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee for $8.99, so I can have eight cups coffee, each for $1.12. That is only $1.12 for coffee everyday! Cheaper than a Starbucks coffee, and better tasting in my opinion. That is WOW factor for me. I am trying to save more money lately, so finding thrifty ways to get my coffee fix is always a plus. 
I have mentioned before that coffee is like an art to me. I love coffee, and I try to not drink it for the wrong reasons, such as drinking it solely for waking myself up. Coffee is so much more than that. The way it tastes, and the way how it makes me smile. I am kind of picky about coffee, I guess you could call me a coffee snob. I am very particular of how my coffee tastes, and Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee meets my coffee snob standards. 
How do you take your coffee? Sugar and cream? :) 


  1. Love this brand of cold brewed coffee. Not interested however in adding a sweetened 'creamer' of any kind. Either black or a splash of half and half.

    1. Well, it is a good thing that you are free to add or not add anything to your coffee :). Chameleon Cold Brew is pretty wonderful!


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