Focus + Calm Essential Oil Roll On

With starting school, and getting back into the swing of studying and focusing intently, I thought that I would make a roll on in honor of starting classes. For a while, I have been wanting to make a focus roller ball, but didn't get around to it. I made a focus roll on for a friend as a birthday gift, and I decided to make one for myself. It is my favorite roll on right now. It only takes a few oils to make this blend, and it helps calm, and it helps with focusing. Scent is amazing! It can bring about memories, emotions, and in this case, hopefully help me keep up a great study routine.
I bought a bunch of 10 ml glass roll on bottles to fill with oily goodness. It has been so much fun playing an oily chemist, mixing oils together to create something great. To create a roll on, it is super easy! You need a glass roll on, essential oils, and fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, or some type of oil that does not solidify. Usually, roll ons take 15 to 20 drops of essential oil, and filled up the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Put the roller ball fitment on the bottle, and there you are! 
For the Focus + Calm roll on, you will need...

-15 drops of Lavender
-15 drops of Cedarwood
-15 drops of Vetiver
-approximately 8 ml of fractionated coconut oil
-roll on attachment

Mix the oils together in the bottle, fit the roll on attachment on the bottle, and tilt forward and backward to mix the oils evenly. 
My favorite oil right now is Vetiver. In the focus roll on, vetiver is very strong, and can be smelled all day long when applied to the neck and over the heart. It has an oaky scent, and it is so calming! When I first received Vetiver, I did not like it. It smelled rough, and not pretty at all, and then I spilled a couple drops on my hands, so my instinct is to dab it on my neck. I realized it was the Vetiver oil, and I was like, "oh no! I am going to smell funny!" But after about a second, I inhaled, and it smelled so fantastic! It was calming, and it quickly became addicting. I LOVE VETIVER! 
I used my Focus + Calm roll on a lot today. I started my Anatomy and Physiology class today, and I was feeling a little overwhelmed by it. I rolled on some of my Focus + Calm oil on my neck and over my heart, and I felt totally in control of this class. I felt good, and my mind was organizing itself. It was like magic! I sometimes think these oils are magic. :) 
I told you all that I would give you a little snippet about my day. I showed up to my Anatomy and Physiology class with one minute to spare, and I walk in and she has already started the class. Feeling like the idiot who comes in late, when I wasn't late, I sit down in the closest seat that I see. I wasn't the only one who came in "late." Other people were actually late! Apparantly there was a room mix up online with our schedule, so some people were told to go to a completely different room. How horrible! Plus, parking was horrible. So, my instructor is really intrigued with the rolly chairs, so she spends about five minutes rolling around in the chairs, while she was rolling around, we all hear a loud "POP!" sound. I look around, I have no idea what just sounded like a mini bomb, and my instructor was freaked out that she broke the chair. I realize it is my sandwich bag in my tote bag. My tote bag was sitting in my lap, and I leaned too far forward and popped the air out of my sandwich bag. I knew it came from around my area, but I didn't tell anyone. So, A&P got off to a crazy start. For A&P lab, we have a different instructor, and he looks and acts just like Chandler Bing from Friends. I have Chandler Bing as my lab instructor. That will make for an entertaining term! 
I am so thrilled about this focus roll on! It not only works for focusing, but it also is great for a sleep aid. I am trying to get better sleep, and so I roll it on my neck, my forearms, and my stomach to help ease me to sleep. I love all of the amazing benefits that this oil blend provides. 

What are your favorite ways to help you focus? I would love the suggestions! 


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