Essential Oils for Quick Trips

I did a post like this not too long ago, about three weeks ago. I included a lot of ideal travels oils in that post, so I narrowed it down. In a couple of days, I am embarking on a road trip with some of my best friends, and it is only going to be a one & a half day trip, spending most of it on the road. I am trying to be real minimal with my packing, that includes oils. I don't go anywhere without oils on me, especially when I go on a trip. I feel better when I have my oils to help me combat anything that may come my way.
The oils I am bringing with me helps with all types of ailments. These oils include: 
Peace & Calming II
Stress Away
I am also bring my essential oil extras: 
Nausea Aid
Bumps,Bruises,Aches,Pains roll on
Sweet Dreams roll on
Diluted SclarEssence roll on
Cold Bomb//Immunity Booster roll on
Healing Blend roll on
Progressence Plus roll on
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
Thieves & Cold Bomb//Immunity Booster is great for combating germs and booster immunity. Whenever I travel, I think to bring these first. I put a drop of Thieves on my feet in the morning and at night, and I roll my Cold Bomb//Immunity Booster along each side of my neck. I feel better when I have my Thieves on hand. 

Frankincense is fantastic! I have no anxiety about this trip, but it never hurts to have a little relief. This scent is fantastic! Not only is it great calming, but it is great for perfume, and for healing purposes! Frankincense is the main oil in my On The Mend Healing Blend roll on. It is part of my natural first aid kit, and I always have it with me. I always take this blend traveling with me because you never when a cut or scrape may occur. I like being prepared. 

Purification is an awesome oil to travel with! This oil is also great for cleaning cuts and scrapes. It is also a natural bug off, and I like to put a drop on a cotton ball when I arrive in the hotel room. Usually, the room isn't stuffy or smelly, but I feel better when I have Purification purify the air in the room. 

Peace & Calming II is my night time oil, along with my Sweet Dreams roll on. I have trouble falling asleep away from home, so I bring these oils to help ease me to sleep. Peace & Calming II helps relax my body, and keeps me from moving my legs around. I get restless legs at night, and this oil completely relaxes me. If you are wondering what is in my Sweet Dreams roll on, I have lavender, cedarwood, and frankincense in this roll on. It helps me sleep! It is so amazing! 

Valor is an oil that I use throughout the day for ongoing relaxation. It's sprucy scent is fantastic for morning confidence, and perfect for nightly grounding. I use this oil with my Diluted Sclaressence. I roll my diluted Sclaressence on my abdomen, and I usually roll Valor on my neck and under my ears. It helps relieve any anxiety I might have. 

Panaway is a great pain relief oil blend. Sometimes, I get splitting headaches, and I rub a drop of Panaway on my temples, and on the back of my neck. I use this in partnership with Bumps,Bruises,Aches,Pains roll on. These two blends are great for joint pain, or any kind of muscular pain you may experience. I always like to be prepared just incase of flare ups. 

Stress Away is great for those times of anxiousness, or tightness in your heart. I love rolling Stress Away on my wrists and on the back of my neck. Again, I have no anxiety about this trip, but I like being prepared, and I like the scent of Stress Away. 

Joy is my anxiety buster, my perfume, and part of my morning oily routine. It's florally scent is so lovely, and I am in love with this oil blend. It calms anger, and it helps de-stress. I like having my star oils with me always incase of a surprise stressful event. I am not counting on one of those happening during the road trip. I am counting on fun! 
Travel Progressence Plus is the Progressence Plus that I put in a separate roller bottle. My mom also uses Progressence Plus, so I want to leave her without any. I like the idea of having a roller ball on it. I can just roll it on my neck and wrists in the morning and at night to get my daily dose of hormone and mood help. 

Nausea Aid is a blend of ginger, peppermint, and lavender essential oils. Since I will be the one driving, I won't have a use for this, but it can also help if you have eaten a little too much, and your stomach feels crummy. I like to keep this with me at all times! It helps relieve nausea so well! 

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is great for sanitizing your hands on the go. It isn't sticky, and I love using this right before I eat. It smells so good, it is so easy to carry around, and I love knowing that my hands are clean if I can't get to (or trust) a sink. 
I am incredibly excited to spend Tuesday driving to the beach with my friends. I love going on road trips with my friends! It is great to spend time with friends and get to know them a bit better. If you are a fellow oiler, and if you are going on a quick trip, and Feeling a little overwhelmed by which oils to take, I  hope this post has helped you. 

I hope you have an excellent week, readers! 


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