College: Second Year- Beginning Fall Term

I am starting my second year of college today. I had no negative nerves, no anxiety, or no stress about today, so I am doing well so far. After coming off of a long, and wonderful Summer, it will be nice getting back into the swing of school again. I am going to the local community college, and taking on full time student status. I am pretty excited about the classes that I am taking. This is a new chapter of my life, entering the second year of higher education towards my lifetime career. A midwife :)
This morning, Created a routine for myself. My morning routine for those days when I have classes will consist of waking up at 7:00 am, heat the water for my tea, complete a blog project, drink my tea, get ready for the day, and eat breakfast. I am also adding something to my Monday mornings. I am going to write down my goals for the week, and add to my goals for the month. It is good to see your goals in physical form. I don't like to go too far ahead of myself with goals in the physical form, I like to be able to check it off as I go. 
My first class was Mind, Body, Yoga. I have taken yoga for the past two terms, and I have benefitted from it greatly. The stress in my life was crazy, and I just want to reform myself and my routine. I feel that yoga helps with that, and I am so excited to get back into the routine of yoga. 
My second class today was Sociology: Social Problems. I only have two classes on Mondays, and two classes on Tuesdays, which fits my schedule perfectly. My sociology instructor is a hoot! She is awesome, and I can tell that this will be such a great term! I am so excited about this class! 
I am excited to embark on this Fall term. I have two more classes to begin tomorrow, so tomorrow's post will have a little snippet about how those classes went. I feel a little less scared this year than I did last year walking onto campus. I know where rooms are, I know where the best parking is, and when the prime parking times are. I am really excited! College is so much different than high school. You can plan your own classes, choose your own classes, and be in classes with those who really want to be there, and are working towards their gosls, and not just for the weekend. I will do little updates here and there about what I am doing, so stay tuned! I will be writing about student life, so if you want some student-ly advice, I would love to help you in any way! 

If you are a college student, what classes are you taking? 


  1. Third year biology major! Fungi & lichens, itcthyology & herpetology, and mamology & ornithology. They all have labs which makes me a busy gal!


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