5 Current Beauty Crushes

After a Summer of avoiding makeup, I am getting back into the fun of beauty full swing. I wanted to share some of my beauty favorites that I have been crushing on lately. I chose five, great beauty items to include in this post, along with one of my favorite hairstyles. All of these products are natural, and they are amazing! So, these are my five current beauty crushes.

My five beauty crushes include: 

-Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara
-Younique Moodstruck Precision Eye Pencil in Perfect
-Elemi essential oil from Young Living
-T's Tonic's Hair Tea
-Fishtail Braids

First off, beginning with the fishtail braid. I love the look of the fishtail! It looks so intricate, and so detailed, but it is actually easier to do than a regular three stranded braid. It is always eye catching when I wear the fishtail braid, and it seems to be a crowd favorite. I wear it because I love it, and it is rather fast to do (with practice, of course). You can wear the fishtail in so many hairstyles, but this is my favorite way to wear it. On the side, with a ponytail, or a bun. 
This eyeliner from Younique is my favorite eyeliner! I used to have a different eyeliner on my favorite's list, but it didn't perform the way I wanted it to. After joining Younique, and receiving my starter kit, I tried their eyeliner, and OH MY GOODNESS! I am in love with this waterproof, smudge proof, perfect eyeliner. It goes on smoothly, easy, and it doesn't travel up my eyelid and get stuck in the crease at the end of the day. It stays put, and it is the best eyeliner I have ever used. 
I am in love with Elemi essential oil. I have been dealing with problem skin all Summer, as while it is improving, I am left with some scars. Since Elemi helps rebuild tissue, I love adding a drop of elemi to my facial moisturizers, or just moisturize my skin with straight Elemi essential oil. I love the scent of Elemi; it is so calming, and I have noticed that my scars and skin problems are healing! If this is not a part of your skincare regime already, you should grab a bottle of Elemi essential oil, and include it in your skincare routine. It is my favorite oil for skincare. Elemi has really helped to improve my skin, and I will always use Elemi in my skincare routine. 
A year ago, I was on my way home from Sunriver, and my family stopped by Sisters, Oregon. They were holding their farmer's market, and I saw this booth that was selling tea, natural skincare and beauty products. I bought a product from T's Tonics, blogged about it, and T from T's Tonics sent me four great products in thanks for the blog post. In that thank you gift, I was given a bottle of Hair Tea, and this Summer, I bought another bottle. This is seriously one of my favorite hair products, because it makes my hair so soft, so shiny, and it smells so good! It is my favorite hair product, and it is all natural! I love that the most. :) 
I can write line after line about this mascara, but I will sum it up in a few lines. This mascara from Younique is better than any other mascara out there. It gives your lashes up to 400% more volume without lash inserts! This mascara gives your real lashes a falsies look without annoying glue, and uncomfortable, plastic lashes. It is easy to apply, and it is made out of all natural ingredients! I can't get over this mascara. It is the very best, and I will never go back to my other mascara. I have a few tutorials on youtube on how this mascara performs, and how to apply the mascara. It is seriously the best mascara that I have ever used. I am selling this mascara if you are interested in trying it out yourself. 

Shop youniquecourtneyb.com to get your own amazing lashes! 
My beauty crushes don't change too often, and these beauty crushes are staying at the top of my list for a long while because of their versatility, beauty, and their performance.

What are your beauty crushes right now?