4 Amazing Citrus Detox Waters

I love citrus waters! They are refreshing, they have so many benefits, and they are just really pretty to look at. For those who don't enjoy the refreshing, plain taste of water, adding fruit and citrus to your water will spruce it up a bit. It is like a water make over! I have picked out some of my favorite citrus fruits, and my favorite berries for the detox waters; each water having their own, unique benefits.
Since there is lemon in each of these detox waters, I thought that I would share a few benefits that come from drinking lemon water. 
1. Lemon Water improves digestion 
2. Lemon Warer boosts the immune system
3. Lemon Water hydrates your body
4. Lemon Water boosts your body's energy (better than coffee or a Red Bull)
5. Lemon Water promotes healthy and hydrated skin
6. Lemon Water reduces inflammation 
7. Lemon Water aids in weight loss
8. Lemon Water alkalizes your body
9. Lemon Water cleanses your internal organs
10. Lemon Water has antibacterial and antiviral properties
11. Lemon Water reduces mucus and phlem 
12. Lemon Water freshens your breath
13. Lemon Water stimulates brain activity 
14. Lemon Water is anti-cancer
Lemon Grapefruit detox water- this detox water will flush out those toxins, and boost your energy! This sunny, refreshing water is rich in antioxidants, boosts immunity, ensures the healthy functioning of your lymphatic system, reduces blood pressure, and this detox water is very beneficial for treating muscle stiffness and cramps. If you are feeling low, make yourself this happy water to perk you right up! 
Lemon Blueberry detox water- first of all, blueberries are a superfruit! So this is a super detox water! With the help of blueberries and lemon partnering together, this water is unstoppable. This water is amazing because blueberries can help slow the breakdown of bones, they are full of antioxidants, they lower heart risk of heart disease, and they are BRAIN FOOD! Remember, lemon water also stimulates brain activity, so if you have a test, or a difficult task involving a lot of hard thinking, sip on this lemon blueberry water! Blueberries are also full of vitamins, they aid in improving vision, they boost your mood, and like lemon water, blueberries aid in digestion. See why this water is super? 
Crazy Citrus detox water- whoa! This detox water is packed with a ton of benefits! This water contains lime, orange, and lemon. Since oranges are the main citrus fruit in this water, oranges help prevent cancer, aid in proper brain development, strengthens immune system, prevents kidney stones, promotes weight loss, maintains healthy skin, and protects against infections. Oranges also maintain bone and teeth health, aid in lowering cholesterol, aid in lowering blood pressure, and can help prevent ulcers. They can also promote a bliss, relieve stress, and promote happiness! Oranges are awesome! Limes promote and aid in some amazing things too! Limes can assist and keep the nervous system healthy, promotes a healthy heart, detoxifies our bodies, they are high in antioxidants, relieve constipation, induces good sleep, and lowers blood pressure. This detox water should be a part of your everyday routine! It helps you all around! 
Strawberry Raspberry Lemon detox water- this colorful detox water promotes health all around. When strawberries and lemons work together, they can do amazing things. Strawberries aid in regulating blood pressure, promotes pre-natal health (so do raspberries), they are high in vitamin C, they help fight off bad cholesterol, they are anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Strawberries also prevent memory decline, they promote pretty skin, and they aid in digestion (like lemons). Raspberries offer their own series of benefits, and some similar benefits to those of strawberries. Raspberries help normalize blood sugar, increase red blood cells, anti-cancer, boosts your immune system, helps you maintain a healthy heart. This is such a great detox water! It helps promote good health, and it is just simply amazing! 

Have a great, and healthy weekend readers! 


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