T's Tonics Hair Tea & Other Hair Care Tips

Last year, I stumbled upon this amazing, small business that makes all-natural, super simple beauty and personal care products. They utilize essential oils, and other healing plants to help mend and beautify. I blogged about T's Tonics Sun and Skin Soother last year, and instantly fell in love with the brand. I went back to Sisters, Oregon again a few weeks ago, and the T's Tonics booth was there at the Sisters farmer's market again. I was hoping to see the T's Tonics booth and buy some more of her amazing products. I ended up purchasing the Hair Tea, Traveler's Spray, and Arnica spray. I received a sample of the Hair Tea last Summer, and I fell in love with the way it kept my hair conditioned, hydrated, shiny, and so pretty.
Hair Tea is made with all-natural ingredients, and every ingredient is simple to say, simple to read, and recognizable. Hair Tea is infused with ingredients that benefit the scalp, and nourish each hair strand. The green tea and aloe vers used in Hair Tea is to boost the shine, and give your hair a silky feel. The herbs used in Hair Tea, such as sage, St. John's Wort, and rosemary help strengthen hair strands. The lavender essential oil helps nourish each hair strand, and the scalp. Orange essential oil is used to brighten up, shine, and nourish your hair strands. Orange essential oil is also used for destressing, so using Hair Tea can add a little bliss to your day. The vegetable glycerin, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E are used to help hydrate each strand. Every ingredient used in Hair Tea benefits your hair greatly, and it leaves your hair looking beautiful, soft, and healthy. 
I wanted to touch on other hair tips while I am on the subject. While T's Tonics Hair Tea is absolutely amazing, I have other, simple ways to take care of my hair. 

-Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
    After shampooing and conditioning my hair (with all-natural, safe shampoo and conditioner), I 
     rinse my hair with slightly diluted apple cider vinegar. It balances your pH, shines up your hair, 
     and cures a dry and flaky scalp. 
-Lavender Essential Oil Run-Through
    Pour a drop of labender essential oil on your palm, rub your hands together, and run your hands    
    through your hair. Massage the lavender essential oil into your scalp, and make sure the essential 
     oil is evenly spread through your hair. 
-T's Tonics Hair Tea 
    I love spritzing T's Tonics Hair Tea in my hair the morning after I shower. I like to shower in the 
    evening, so in the morning, my hair could use a little wake-up. I spray Hair Tea all through my 
     hair, and it leaves my hair absolutely beautiful, enhances my natural waves, boosts shine, and 
     makes my hair ultra soft. 
Hair Tea isn't just for nourishing hair, and making hair super pretty, it can also be for your skin. Since Hair Tea is made with safe ingredients, you don't have to worry about unsafe chemicals being absorbed into your skin. You can spray it onto your skin for a makeshift Sun and Skin Soother, since Hair Tea has lavender and aloe in it, it can help soothe your skin after getting too much sun. Another reason why I love Hair Tea is that it has no chemical smell. I really dislike the smell of hair sprays, detanglers, any hair product really because of the chemically smell. Hair Tea smells like oranges, lavender, and ylang ylang, because those essential oils are potent. 
I use T's Tonics on a daily basis, and I love that I have found a brand that makes all-natural products for everyday use. I am so glad that you can purchase T's Tonics online, because I will need to buy more of her amazing products soon. You can read more about T's Tonics, their story, and browse their product lines on their website. Give T's Tonics a try, and you will want to make the switch to all-natural personal and beauty products.

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