Lincoln City

After leaving Grand Ronde from our free night at Spirit Mountain Casino, we took the thirty minute drive into Lincoln City along Highway 101. When we arrived in Lincoln City, Oregon, it wasn't quite the time to check into our hotel yet, so we just bummed around looking in the shops, and of course making a stop at the Mojo Coffee there. Oh, this coffee is amazing! They use Stumptown Roasters (A Portland favorite) for their coffee, and it is just delectable. When we arrived in Lincoln City, it was slightly hazy, a little misty, and really sunny! I absolutely love it when the Oregon Coast is sunny, because more often than not, the coast is quite dreary.
Driving to our hotel from the coffee shop, I quickly snapped this photo while we were at a red light. I thought it was quirky, and it fits perfectly in this little, beach town. Beach towns, or at least Oregon beach towns kind of adopt Portland's mission statement, "keep Portland weird." There are a lot of quirks about beach towns. Have you ever noticed that there are brightly colored buildings that reside in beach towns? I find that interesting, and very charming. 
After we settled into our hotel, and rested a bit, we decided to get a little something to eat before our bon fire on the beach. We decided to grab Chinese food from Lee's Chinese Restaurant on Highway 101, across the way from Kylio's, and the main beach entrance in Lincoln City. As we were walking into the restaurant, I noticed that they had a poster of bubble tea, and usually when places have posters of bubble tea in their windows, that means they have it! We ordered a couple of combination plates and shared. It was plenty of food for three people, and I got a matcha bubble tea. The food was FABULOUS and the bubble tea was delicious! I highly recommend Lee's if you are in Lincoln City. 
After Lee's, mom and I looked through the kite shop, and the gift shop right beside Lee's. They had some items in there to look at. We went up to our hotel room, and mom and dad went off to grab the items for our bon fire on the beach. I was so excited to spend the rest of the evening on the beach, and hopefully watch the tide take away our bon fire. When my folks got back to the hotel room, they were empty handed, except for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. They said that fires were banned on the beach for the time being due to the dry weather. What a bummer! Bon fires on the beach is our thing! It was upsetting, but we weren't going to let that ruin our evening. We decided to go down the beach anyway, and walk in the sand. 

There were these seagulls that were walking around where we were at. I was following this one seagull, keeping my distance so that he wouldn't fly off. Seagulls are silly and kind of entertaining birds. 
I eventually just ran after the seagulls to scare them, and to make them fly. The beach brings out the silliness in me, and makes me feel free, even if it is depicted as slightly foolish. :) 
My folks :) 
It was so misty at the beach, it was making my hair all crazy! This little ringlet in my hair stood out to me. I thought it was cute, but I thought my hair was quite a sight. 
A tradition that I usually carry out each time I make it to the beach is to build a cairn. It restores mental balance for me, and refocuses areas of my life. Also, cairns are beautiful, and the beach has the perfect, flat rocks for constructing a cairn. 
The beach access we usually go to is at Canyon Drive City Park. It is a lovely area, and the facilities aren't too bad. There is even a feet washing station that provides WARM water to clean your feet. You do not have to shiver, and cringe in awaiting the cold water to wash off your sandy feet. It is warm, luxurious water that is free to use for the public. 
Since we didn't get to do our bon fire, we decided to go to Moe's. Moe's is usually very good, they have the best clam chowder, and really great fish & chips, but this visit in particular was not one of the best Moe's experiences we have had. It was rather disappointing, but we still did not let that ruin our evening. After Moe's, we headed back to our hotel room, and we got ready for bed, and watched House Hunters International until late at night. 
It was a beautiful day that was full of surprises. I always enjoy my time in Lincoln City. It is one of my favorite beach towns, and I hold it very near, and dear to my heart.


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