Get More Out Of Your Younique Starter Kit

As some of you may know, I am now a presenter for Younique. I signed up a couple weeks ago, I have been playing around with the makeup, and the business side, trying to figure it all. It is a little overwhelming at times, but I am learning day by day, and hopefully by working hard, I will start getting more sales. I have been playing around with the makeup lately, and learning little tips and tricks to get more out of your Younique Starter Kit. Below are photos and short videos showing you how to do these little tricks. I am pretty excited about it!

When I opened my starter kit, I noticed that an eyeliner brush was included. I didn't receive liquid eyeliner in my starter kit, but I saw that they had a black eye pigment, Younique's Moodstruck Pigment in Corrupted. I had done a smoky eye with the eyeliner brush and Corrupted, but I wanted to go farther and make it more liquid, or pasty. By adding a spritz of rose water, and mixing it together with the eyeliner brush, you have yourself liquid eyeliner. It goes on fast, and it isn't as dark as the Moodstruck Perfect eyeliner.
In the Starter Kit, you receive three Moodstruck Mineral Pigments: Sexy, Confident, and Corrupted. By mixing together Sexy and Confident, you have yourself a whole new color. It is exactly a mix between Sexy and Confident. I cannot pinpoint which color it is similar to, but I do know that it is beautiful. 
The Starter Kit comes with a lip liner and a lip gloss. While both the lip liner and lip gloss are beautiful, they don't match together. I am in love with Pompous, the lip liner color, and in order to get it all over my lips, I have to take some time to pencil all over my lips. Plus, I feel like I am breaking makeup rules. Well, right now, there are no rules! I took a small glass cup, put it in the oven for a few minutes, or you can run it under hot water for a minute. You press the pencil against the glass and slide it around slightly in order for it to melt a bit. Use your finger to quickly spread it on your lips. Since the lip liner is smudge proof and waterproof, the lip liner is long lasting on your lips. 
The Divine moisturizer that comes with the starter kit is so hydrating, so simple, and can be used for more things than to moisturize your face. You can mix it with a Moodstruck Minerals Pigment to make cream eye shadow.
I am having a lot of fun with being a part of Younique, and playing with makeup. I have big goals for myself, I believe that Younique can help me get there.
The Starter Kit comes with a lot of amazing items, but to enhance them, and get more out of your Starter Kit is never a bad idea. Little tips and tricks to use the Starter kit, or any of these Younique products are always helpful. 

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