French Press Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is one of my favorite beverages because of it's strong flavor, and how it can just be beautiful. It is simple, and easy. I try not to drink it everyday because I don't want coffee to be used as a tool to wake myself, or make me friendly. I talkie before coffee because coffee is much too important to me than to guzzle it down only for it's caffeine. I drink it for the taste, enjoyment, and for the simplicity of quiet and coffee. I am in love with cold brew coffee. I feel like it has a more intense flavor, it is stronger, and it tastes fresher than hot coffee. I love making my cold brew coffee in my Bodum French press because it enhances the flavor, and makes it stronger since the grounds are right beneath the filter. This is such an easy way to make cold brew coffee so you can have delicious cold brew every morning.

I have been using Seattle's Best Coffee for my cold brew lately, and it rocks! It tastes so good, and it really sticks to it's name, Dark and Intense. It has big flavor, and it is such a joy to sip. 
Here is what you need: 

-3 Tablespoons ground coffee
-4 cups of water
-French press
-half and half

Here is how to make it: 
In your French press, add three tablespoons of ground coffee and then fill up the French press with colder or room temperature water with about an inch and a half to spare at the top. Put the lid on, and don't press down the filter yet. Let sit for fifteen to 20 minutes, then slowly press the filter down. In a mason jar, add a few ice cubes, and add 1/4 cup of half and half to the mason jar. To the mason jar, add a squeeze of flavoring syrup, I used caramel, to the jar, and use a fork to mix it up. Add your coffee to the jar, and gently stir. 
This coffee is so delicious. It is my favorite iced coffee recipe so far. It isn't too sweet, and it isn't overpowering. It is perfect for a morning perk up, or an afternoon boost. I love quiet, mid mornings with a mason jar of coffee. It sets the day, paves the way for stress to come my way, but I will power through it with that sweet, liquid courage. 
I try not to drink it everyday, but it is so good! For a while, I have been searching for the perfect coffee, and I think I have almost hit it on the nose. I have had some perfect coffee in my travels, but I have never been able to duplicate it at home. This coffee recipe is so close to the flavor of some of the coffees that I have had while traveling. I think my next ground coffee will be Stumptown coffee. They serve a good cup, and it is so perfect. Seattle's Best Coffee is fantastic for now, and I am in love with it's rich, strong flavor. 
What is your favorite cold brew/iced coffee blend?


  1. It is almost midnight, but you have me wishing I had a strong, iced coffee in my hands right now! I love love LOVE strong coffee and Cafe Bustelo brand is my all-time favorite. It is so delicious and low-priced. When I want to splurge, Illy is great, but I always have a carafe of brewed Cafe Bustelo in my fridge.


    1. OH MY GOODNESS! Cafe Bustelo is one of my favorite coffees! I will have to try Illy. I can find it at World Market ;). Tomorrow is a new day, grab an iced coffee tomorrow! :)


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