7 Of My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I am constantly inspired by photos on Instagram from my favorite bloggers, and favorite shop owners. They take pictures of beautiful subjects, and they edit them beautifully. They are so aesthetically pretty to look at, I can't help but share them. I went through the accounts that I follow and found my favorites. 
I have been following Casey's blog for as long as I have been blogging. When I got an instagram account, I immediately followed Casey because of her beautiful photos. Casey is so incredibly inspiring. I found out about Young Living essential oils from her, and now they are a part of my everyday life. Casey is one of the most influential bloggers out there, and she is so creative, and artistic. She shares such positivity and beauty on her instagram, it will brighten your day, and inspire creativity. Casey is such a beautiful soul, and you should definitely visit her Instagram page. 

Wynne is actually friends with Casey, and has a beautiful blog of her own. I found Wynne's Instagram and blog after watching American Blogger, a film by Chris Wiegand (Casey's husband). I was so moved by Wynne's blogging story, and when I visited her blog, I was so moved by her adoption story. She and her husband adopted two, beautiful children from Ethiopia. Her photos on Instagram are beautiful, real, true, and allows you the honor of seeing little glimpses into her life. Wynne also inspires creativity, and she is a great role model for young women, and I admire her greatly. One of my favorite things to do is look at photos of essential oils, and read what my oily community does with their essential oils. I have a lot of favorite essential oil instagram accounts, but I love the essential oil photos that Wynne posts. They are beautiful, and so helpful. Wynne is such a beautiful person, and you should visit her instagram page for a boost of positivity. 

I found Natalie on Pinterest about a year and a half ago. I spotted one of her style posts. I pinned it, and I read her blog. I love her blogging style, and I love her fashion sense. It is simple style, and I always go to her blog when I need outfit inspiration. Not only is she a fantastic blogger, but she also has beautiful photos on her Instagram. I love when one of Natalie's photos comes up on my feed. She captures life's little moments so beautifully, and she is so inspiring. I am guilty for stalking her Instagram from time to time. I don't always see her photos in my feed, so I like to catch up on her posts. Her photos are so simply beautiful, you should see her Instagram page. 

There no one more colorful, more peppy, or more coffee-loving than Karsyn. I found Karsyn's beautiful wedding photos on Instagram last year. I was following the photographer of her wedding on Instagram, and caught a glimpse of this beautiful wedding that I had to see more of. It has been a lot of fun following the first year of their marriage. I love reading her blog, and browsing her online shop. Her pets are adorable, and her personality sparkles. She is the one who helped me remember that I don't have to always look perfect on my Instagram photos, or my blog photos, but she Looks perfect in every one. :) Her Instagram is beautiful, colorful, light, positive, and so inspiring. If you want a little more color, and a little more positivity in your life, check out her Instagram page. 

I have been following Ariele for a couple of years now. I love following her pretty wood workings, seeing her animals, and little glimpses of her life outside of her wood working. She makes beautiful pieces, and she is so incredibly talented. I remember this photo of a plank of darker wood, and Ariele was carving a spoon out of it. I couldm't stop looking at the photo, it was so intriguing, so pretty. One of these days, I definitely want to purchase a beautiful piece from her. They are gorgeous, and so well done. Check out Ariele's Instagram page, and you will fall in love with her wood workings as well. 

Chelsea is another blogger that I found on Pinterest first. I would visit her blog from time to time after seeing one of her pins on Pinterest, and after a couple years of reading her blog, I finally decided to follow her on Instagram. She is so cute, and posts photos about the beautiful, little moments in life. I so enjoy when her photos show up in my feed. She has a beautiful personality, and always makes me want coffee after looking through her feed. She shares beautiful photos of the area around her, and adventures that her and her husband go on. She is such a fun person to follow on Instagram, and if you would like a touch of pretty, I hope you visit her Instagram page.

I recently started following Abi about two weeks ago. I follow her on my essential oil Instagram account (@essentiallycourt). Her essential oil photos are beautiful, light, and airy. I love reading the little, oily advice she gives, and seeing the ways she "styles" her essential oils. She is inspiring, and I enjoy seeing her photos on my Instagram feed. If you want some oily inspiration, visit her pretty page. 

Instagram may seem like a cliché app to scroll through, but it is one of those apps that if used correctly, it can be a great app to share snippets of our lives. I love it because I get to see my favorite bloggers, shop owners, and oilers live out their lives, and inspire others, myself included. This app is one of my favorites, and I love having my Instagram account because it is my photo diary. I can look back on the years, and see the beauty that has filled my life. There was this poster that I remember back in high scool, and it was against those apps, and phone use. It said that these apps do not inspire, and Instagram was one of them. When I saw that, I disagreed.

Instagram is incredibly inspiring, it just depends on the people you follow. :)