5 Cute Side Braids for Casual Days

Before work, I had the chance to play around with my hair, experimenting with different styles. I like to wear different hair styles to work to jazz up my work uniform a bit. But I also like to wear side braids for casual days, the days I'm not working, and just prowling around. I tried out different braids that I have pinned on Pinterest, and these following hair styles were my favorites out of the ones that I tried.

Side-Drop-Dutch Fishtail Braid: 
This braid is fairly easy, that is if you know how to fishtail braid. Pull your fishtail loops up and down the braid until they are slightly stretched out, and bigger. Remember to do a dutch fishtail braid, which means instead of crossing the hair strands over each other, you cross your hair strands under each other. You do two of these. One fishtail braid beginning at the top of the forhead, and the other braid going down under the first fishtail. This is my very favorite! It is dynamic, and so pretty to look at. 

Side-Dutch-Back-Drop Braid:
This braid is so pretty, and not as challenging as it looks. Begin a dutch braid about two inches away from the top of the forehead, braid down, but at an angle. Braid tightly, then pull each loop to make the braid bigger. Take the hair below the braid and twist it up slightly under the braid. Incorporate the first dutch braid into a four stranded braid, and as you braid down, morph it into a three strand braid, and tie it off. You may need some bobby pins to keep the first braid up, and use a bobby pin to secure the twisted strand of hair up. 

Side-French-Fishtail Braid:
This braid may be a little tricky. Grab a small piece of hair from the top of your forehead, and cross it down. Take another small piece of hair about three or four inches from the top of the forhead, and about two inches down from the very top of your head. Cross that over, and keep going like that, crossing over small pieces of hair until you reach the top of your ear. You may have to use your pointer and middle finger in the middle of the strands as you braid down, in order to hold the strands to keep them crossed. When you reach the top of your ear, fishtail down with tiny strands, and tie it off. 
Side-French-Drop-To-Fishtail Braid:
Begin about an inch back from the top of your forehead, begin braiding down in a French braid, meaning to cross over instead of under. I have been doing Dutch braids so often so it takes some practice to go back to the roots of French braiding. Once you have French braided to your earlobe, gather all of your hair, and begin braiding down into a fishtail, crossing over with tiny strands. You can make it begger if you wish by pulling on the loops of the fishtail then tie off the braid. 

3-Baby-Braids :
This braid style was inspired by Amber Fillerup Clark. You take a small piece of hair about an inch back from the top of your forehead. Braid down, and tie it off. About 1/4 inch away from the first braid, begin a new braid with a small piece of hair and braid down, tie it off. Space out your braids unevenly, but don't have the three braids right next to each other. Tie off the third braid, and take the inch of hair below the first braid and twist it slightly, untie the braids, and sweep it up alongside your side, and use bobby pins to secure the braids and the twisted strand of hair. 
People often ask me if I do my hair all by myself, and yes I do. Most of those people are residents at my work, and they are just amazed by the fact that I do my hair myself. All it takes is some practice, and a joy and passion for pretty hair. I am going to attempt to do some video hair tutorials of these styles soon, so stay tuned!