Whole Foods Market Meal Planning

It is almost grocery shopping time again, and I am taking it a little more seriously this time around. I am full on meal planning, couponing, and trying to shave off extra dollars and cents to match my budget. Last week, I posted about my newest challenge, which is to buy all of my groceries for the whole week, and spend under $50. It is a tough challenge, but I am going to do it. Today, I compiled a list of items that I would like from Whole Foods Market to feed me for one week and possibly a little more. I am up to the challenge.

This past week, I have been monitoring my portions, and eating the actually serving sizes that it says on the box. I have stretched my cereal for 8 days, eating by the serving size, and so now I know that a box of cereal can last me 8 days. That is the type of research that I have conducted this past week, in preparation for this next, big shopping trip. I went over my receipt from my last shopping trip to see the prices, and approximations of what I might need. My receipt helped a lot for price check up, because the unfortunate thing about Whole Foods Market is that they do not provide their productsp lists, or product prices. I had to do a lot of research on prices, products, and coupon hunts. I only found two coupons to help me on my shopping trip, but two coupons are better than no coupons. 
Coupons are not the only ways to save money on this shopping trip, there are also in-store deals, rebate apps, and Whole Foods gives you .10 cents off your purchase when you bring a reusable bag. I am definitely bringing my reusable bags tomorrow. Any amount of money saved on this shopping trip is fantastic, and whether it is .10 cents or $10.00, it is all successful. Hopefully it is $10.00, but I feel like that is shooting high at the rate I am going. 

I still have to tweak my list a bit, add, and take away from meals in my meal plan, but I am so excited to execute this shopping trip, and stick within my budget. It is also a lttle terrifying, but I have my combat oil to help me ease through this shopping trip. So far, my meals are pretty simple and nothing extravagant. For breakfasts, I am going to have cold cereal, a piece of fruit, and some eggs. For lunches, I have some left over Annie's macaroni and cheese boxes, I am also getting some cheese, and bread for toasted cheese sandwiches. I thought that I was going to go into this shopping trip with no food at home to back me up on, but that is a silly idea. I have food, so why buy things that I already have? Especially on a money saving shopping trip. I am still trying to sort out dinner, but I am thinking chicken seasoned with my essential oils, roasted sweet potatoes some nights, and wild rice other nights. I will have it fully figured out before I head out to Whole Foods Market tomorrow. 
I will share my results in a post tomorrow, and I will share in the middle of this upcoming week how my meals are going with my Whole Foods Market purchases. 

Before I go on my shopping rip tomorrow, I am going to see if I can find anymore coupons, and make a final draft of my shopping list. I want to be fully prepared for this attempt to budget shop at Whole Foods Market. I am taking it very seriously :) 

Ifyou have any tips on budget grocery shopping at health foods, organic stores, I welcome all tips and advice. Please feel free to leave a comment :) 


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