What's In My Tote Bag?

I love to pack! Why? Because it is an organizing activity. For the little road trip to Sunriver, I like to pack a tote bag of items to keep "up front" with me. I like to keep snacks, first aid, entertainment, and some other doodads with me to make the drive a little more comfortable. I really like road trips, so packing for a road trip bag is quite fun for me. 

A major component to my road trip tote bag are snacks. I always make sure I have healthy snacks with me incase I get a little hungry. I am trying out Mamma Chia; Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack. Oh. My. Goodness. Mamma Chia is so good! Yum! It is the perfect snack. I really like the Mamma Chia drink, so I knew that I would probably like the Chia Squeeze. It is the perfect car snack because there is no mess. I also finally found Pure bars! I have been searching, and I finally found them at New Seasons. Also on car trips, I like to bring first aid essentials. I have had many mishaps during road trips, so from now on, I am prepared for minor medical mishaps. I didn't have to use my cleansing wipes, I thought the trip was going to be warmer. I brought them, though just in the case of becoming a sweaty mess. Of course I brought my iPad to do some blog work, and listen to music. I really need to download some podcasts though, those are fun to listen to. 
Larabars are also a great snack to treat that sweet tooth. These bars are so delicious, and they are made out of plants, nuts, and fruit! I love Larabars. I bought a couple of new flavors, and I bought a couple of familiar flavors. 
I packed some favorite essential oils for the car ride and for the trip. I made sure to bring peppermint oil  incase I got car sick. Surprisingly, I did not get car sick. The drive was smooth, and easy.

I love those "what's in my bag" posts, maybe it is because I love flat lays. What are your favorite essentials to travel with?