Sunriver Day Two 2015

Today was a low-key day due to the gloomy, crazy weather we had. I began my day with a good breakfast, and just listening to morning chatter. It was nice, and relaxing, such a great way to begin any day. We talked about the weather we were going to have today, and discussed what we would all like to do. Since we were expecting rain and thunder today, and rain and thunder we got, we decided to hang out in the village for most of the day. 

Sunriver has a new coffee house in their village, and I was very eager to try it out. I was, at first, very overwhelmed by this unfamiliar menu. I actually walked out of the shop for a few minutes. I take my coffee seriously, and it is an enjoyment, so I wanted to take a break from trying to figure out the menu. I went back in, walked right up to the cashier, and ordered a regular coffee cooler with cream. Their coffee blend was perfect! It has such a great taste, and it is smooth. Their logo is cute, and well done. The only thing about this coffee that I am not a big fan of is that the caffeine is so strong! I have been buzzed on caffeine all day, and it hasn't been a good feeling. I think next time I go, I will get a decaf. 
During the Summer in Sunriver, they have activities for children to do in the village. They have bouncy houses, and the rock wall, and bungee jump and flip. Isabelle had the chance to go rock climbing, and we were all encouraging her to climb to the top. 
She got about halfway up, and looked back at us, telling us she was scared, and that she didn't want to go any farther. We were all so proud of her, she made it far up the wall. 
I met up with my mom and sister at this cute gift shop, and right by the door, they had these beautiful, handmade bracelets. I was very interested in these bracelets, and so I read more about these beautiful pieces of jewelry. When bracelets are purchased from The Leakey Collection, 100% of the proceeds go to education in Kenya. I could not pass up this beautiful gesture, and to show off such a wonderful charity on my wrist. I will write more about Beads for Learning in a later post because I want everyone to learn about this fabulous charity. It really is such a great cause. 
We went home for lunch for a bit. Isabelle was so excited about the activities that are waiting for us this upcoming week. We are all excited, and so looking forward to the fun activities. After lunch, we went back to the village for about an hour, and then we went on a short bike ride. It felt good to get out of the house, and ride around this gorgeous resort. We spotted some deer on our bike ride, and they must be so used to people. They just kept eating as we biked past. 
Ok, so I have to share my hair from today. I kept seeing this style on Pinterest, on my hair pinterest board, and I have been attempting it for months. The style never worked out, but it worked out today! I was so excited that I mastered the messy bun, and that my braids look great. I am really excited with how my hair turned out. 
We ended the evening with The Leggo Movie, chicken pesto, the Ponyo movie, and now I am settling down before bed with some blogging, and an essential oil podcast. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be different weather, so different activities, and more fun awaits.