Sunriver Day Three 2015

Unlike yesterday, today was not a low-key day. It was busy in some spots, and relaxed in others. The weather was better today too, again in some spots, and crazy in others. We began the day's activities with a long, 13 mile bike ride. We went to the usual spots, our first spot being the bridge. 

I could pull up a lawn chair, and sit on that bridge for hours. It has such a beautiful view, and it is fun to watch the kayakers and rafters floating down river. I would love to do that soon! It probably won't happen this trip, but sometime in the future, yes! Our bike ride conquest continued near the stables, airport, and marina. Near that area, they have these signs along the bike paths. They crack me up. Last year, the toad situation was horrible. There were hundreds jumping across the pathways, and the unlucky ones got ran over by bikes, and their bodies were baked on the pathways. It was much warmer last year, because we didn't see any dead frog bodies being baked. The weather has been pleasant. 
When we arrived home, I looked down and this little critter hitched a ride on my shirt. I thought the beetle was so pretty. He flew off my shirt and landed on my Aunt's sweatshirt. Such a pretty insect. 
Shortly after we arrived home, a thunder, lightning, and rain storm traveled over Sunriver. It was raining pretty heavily. We were about to walk to the marketplace, but it rained! 
It felt nice to stand by the sink window, because you could feel the mist coming in through the screen. By the way, I really like this photo. 
While the rain passed over, the fam hunkered down, and we caught up on our indoor activities. My Aunt was working on the puzzle, my mom and grandma played dice, and my dad was teaching my cousin how to play chess. 
So Isabelle tried to teach the game of chess to Raelyn... and it didn't last long unfortunately. It was still so cute watching them play together. 
After the rain let up, Grandma, Isabelle, Raelyn, and I walked to the North Store to grab a few things. The Sunriver Marketplace has these mini carts, perfect for little kids to help out with shopping. Raelyn was my helper, so she pushed the little cart, and helped me shop. 
We returned home, and Grandma started on the spaghetti, and I helped with the garlic bread. We had dinner, and Hershey Bar pie for dessert. After we cleaned up dinner, the family got ready to head out again. The lodge is always lit up at night, so we decided to take our night walk there. It was so pretty. 
At the lodge, they have these stuffed bears. I always like to pose with these bears, they are fun to take pictures with. 
Today was a pretty eventful day, and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings. I think we are going to the waterpark here tomorrow. It is also my parent's, and my sister's last night here. I will be staying the rest of the week.
After a long day, I am tired, and ready to lay down and sleep. I hope everybody had a fabulous Monday!