Sunriver Day Five 2015

I had to take a little nap this evening before writing this, because boy, I'm tired. I had such a busy day today! It was jam packed with fun activities, and plenty of exercise. We began our day with breakfast at Hot Lava Baking Company. I got a garlic dill bagel, a chocolate sprinkle doughnut bar, and coffee. I hope to grab another treat from Hot Lava Baking Company before we leave on Friday. They have amazing treats! 

I was really excited about my outfit today. It is a simple, easy, striped dress that I got off of Zaful. I bought it specifically to walk around the Village in, and I had the chance to wear my dress in The Village. It was pretty sweet. I can't wait to do an outfit post with this dress. I couldn't help myself, I had to post a sneak peak of my outfit. 
Today was the day that we decided to bike into the Deschutes National Forest to see Lava Lands. It was mostly uphill, uphill for five miles. This is what tuckered me out. I had to take a few breaks along the way, but in at the end of the path, Lava Lands was there. 
It was such a neat adventure! It felt like I was stepping and walking through a prehistoric land. I was half expecting a dinosaur to come tromping through. 
When we arrived at the view point, I couldn't believe the beautiful view. It was incredible! The lava was well contained, but still everywhere around. I love the hearty trees and plants that reside in this harsh environment. I also enjoyed seeing the cascade mountain range as a part of the view. 
On our way back down, we read about the Lavaness Monster. It is really just a twisted tree without leaves. It is shaped like a dinosaur, and grew out of the lava. It was so interesting to read about, and super fun to see. I tried to get a better photo, but I couldn't get close enough. 
We went into the visitor center at Lava Lands, and the ranger talked us into going to Benham Falls. We coasted downhill, battled mosquitos, and went on a small hike to see this majestic sight. I could sit there for hours and watch the falls. There is something so breathtaking about Benham Falls. 
The Ranger at Lava Lands also told us to put our noses into the Ponderosa Pines. He said we may look silly, but that we could smell real pine. Oh my, I could smell the real pine, and it smelled wonderful. I look like I am about to kiss the tree, but I am just sniffing it. 
After our bike ride, we came back home, cleaned up, and went out to my favorite, little Italian restaurant here in Sunriver. They serve the best bread, and you dip it in oil and vinegar. The bread is why I wanted to go Marcello's Italian Cuisine.
I ordered a small pizza, and I built my own pizza! I ordered pesto sauce, goat cheese, pancetta, spicy italian sausage, and kalamata olives. It was super tasty, and I can't wait to eat my leftovers tomorrow! 
It was such a busy day, but so much fun of course. I am ready to sleep, and rest up for another jam-packed day of fun tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!